lose belly fatThe best feeling in the world would be to get rid and totally lose belly fat without working out. And after following these simple steps you will be able to get a flat tummy without any exhausting workouts. Also, it is necessary to lose weight around your belly as it could lead to certain health problems, such as cardiovascular, muscle loss in the core and stress added to your body. Following are some simple, yet useful steps you can take to reduce tummy fat without any workout.

  • Drink Adequate Water: Dehydration is a major factor for weight gain. When your body does not get enough water, it starts holding water, otherwise known as water retention. This is one reason why we actually gain water weight. We do not drink enough water. Our bodies need water to survive. If you cut our water, your body will think it will not be getting it for a while and ho;ld everything you have. If you drink adequate water, you will support your body to let go of the unwanted water. Regularly drink a glass of water before every meal and try to eat fruits like berries, melons, and citrus at least twice a day. These are the highest in water. Also, the water will keep you full for a long and prevent the food cravings from creeping up on us.

  • Avoid Junk Foods: It is very important to burn as many calories as possible while losing belly fat without exercising. To reduce one pound of belly fat in a month, you have to drop at least 500 calories a day.This seems like a lot right? Not really. A simple sandwich an be replaced with a healthy large sized portion of salad and chicken breast. That right there is your savings of 500 calories in one day. Consume foods that have high fiber and avoid junk and oily foods at all means.

  • Balanced Diet: Imbalanced diet and an inactive routine are some of the main reasons of weight gain in the stomach area. Thus, the greatest way to lose belly fat is by sticking to a balanced diet. A low-fat meal containing mainly healthy fruits and vegetables with a lot of protein is your best choice. You can not over eat protein and the more you take in, the faster you will lose belly fat. Stay away again from the refined carbs, sugars and not natural foods. If you keep this up, you will help greatly in losing belly fat. Have foods that are rich in fiber, as they comprise lots of minerals and vitamins.

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