Research Manifests Mindfulness Linked To Weight Loss

Lose Weight with Meditation

Recent discovery by a team of researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Canada has shown possible benefits of meditation and mindful practices as a key to weight loss.

An analysis revealed that mindful practices can be a great approach in a way to lose weight with meditation approach to improving long-term dietary routines and keeps the weight off.  Results of this analysis was posted in the journal Obesity Reviews of the World Obesity Federation.

Lose Weight with Mindfulness Thinking

A 10-year study evaluated more than a thousand participants with focus on mindfulness and its significance to weight loss. Three important approaches to mindfulness were looked at:

  • formal meditation practice not lose weight
  • casual mindfulness training targeting eating habits
  • a combination of meditation and mindfulness strategies

Mindfulness turned out to be fairly to highly effective in reducing weight loss and enhances obesity-related eating habits. It failed inadequately as a short term method based only on dietary changes and exercises — which yielded better immediate outcomes.  Researchers however indicate that participants who utilize some form of meditation advantaged from stable long-term results.

Mindful practitioners have lost about 3.3 percent of body weight compared to the 4.7 percent weight loss experienced by participants who only dieted and exercised.  Follow up evaluations manifested a continuing steady weight loss of 3.5 percent by participants.

Research team acknowledge the challenge of limitations they are facing, but are more hopeful and keen in seeing how mindfulness-based interventions can be effectively added to dedicated weight loss programs to further enhance the benefits offered by such techniques.

Reference: Medical News Today