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Medical Weight Loss Doctors for your Success

MedShape’s Medical Weight Loss Doctors and Professional Medical Team understands why you will have no satisfaction with out-dated, “cookie-cutter” approaches to weight loss. You will find these types of weight loss diets are utilized by many weight loss clinics. Also, many of these weight loss clinics and programs which are not customized and claim they are medically supervised. Actually, end up being non-qualified individuals offering weight loss. More so, with limited or no medical supervision at all. Furthermore, we would like you to meet our Medical Weight Loss Doctors and Team. We are happy to have licensed professional staff available in our physical clinics for the best knowledge and treatment you can expect. MedShape’s staff includes a variety of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Registered nurses, LPNs, and Certified Medical assistants. You will find your ongoing care will walk you through your personal journey to success.

Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Phoenix, Minnesota and throughout the Country

MedShape’s Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Phoenix, through out the Valley, Minnesota, and nationally in every state,  offer you the most integrative styles for fast and safe Weight Loss. You will find that our patients receive the best Weight Loss Doctors and Medical team to guide you to your weight loss success. Because our patients with MedShape aren’t told to follow unproven diets. Rather, we customize weight loss programs for each individual customer. MedShape’s patients are scheduled for weigh-in appointments every week. This is either by phone, video, or in an actual MedShape location. The more support, the better the outcome.

Everything within MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is based on combining Medical Supervision Dieting with Signature Weight Loss Supplement, Medication and a mixture of vitamins and minerals.  As a result, you will also have available prescription appetite suppressants (Phentermine, Mounjaro, Wegovy, Ozempic, Therm A Burn, Sugar lean) , GLP-1 agonists Semaglutide (Brand name Wegovy or Ozempic), and Tirzepatide (Brand name Mounjaro), as well as hCG,  (without using a 500 calorie diet). MedShape is proud to be the largest Weight Loss Clinic serving Phoenix and the Valley, along with Minnesota, and all of the United States. Our Physicians cover every state in the country. You are the best hands for  Medical Weight loss and weight control.

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Our Medical Weight Loss Team – Medical Weight Loss

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is determined to constantly offer our customers the best and most advanced ways, methods and medication in the Weight Loss industry today. Also, our Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Doctors protocol is considered to be the leading treatment for Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss. This is due to our constant innovation of new ideas and specifically designed treatments that bring you the best results in weight loss. Delivering fast, true and easy Weight Loss results you can count on is our main goal. All of us at MedShape understand that you have many choices in selecting your weight loss provider. Most of all, if you’re the kind of person who demands the best customer service and specific medical care for your personal needs, you will feel right at home being a part of our clinic.

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic always goes above and beyond for our patients. In addition, giving you the care that you deserve. Overall, we create a personalized treatment plan for weight loss based on what you NEED.  As a result, it is a priority that our weight loss programs are actively managed by our professional weight loss counselors. Counselors who care, understand and have extensive nutritional and weight loss experience. In addition, we’re with you every step of the way! To sum it up, a  true Weight Loss Team that wants to make sure you reach your goal!

Stephanie Smith, CEO

Stephanie is the CEO of MedShape Weight Loss Clinic. She developed MedShapes’ strategic weight loss strategies in 2006.  MedShape’s success has created a weight loss method that is indeed real and healthy. With bringing almost 20 years of experience in the medical field and weight loss to the company, this is a true asset to the development and growth of the company. Stephanie’s education in the healthcare industry is from Gustavus Adolphus, University of Minnesota and ASU. Stephanie is educated in many degrees and areas of expertise. This includes Chemistry, Forensic Science, as well as Forensic Pathology.

Due to having a clear compassion to help others, Stephanie recognized the need to develop a good program that can help the issues our country faces with Obesity. Also, she truly enjoys educating and changing people’s lives. It is essential to develop and perfect a protocol that will allow patients to lose and KEEP the weight off for the long term.  Therefore, this is the best way to add quality and years of life to those who choose the MedShape way of weight loss. Stephanie is originally from the Midwest and relocated to Arizona over 20 years ago to continue her education in medical science.

Dr, James Sheehan, NMD

Dr. Jim Sheehan has been a part of MedShape Weight Loss Clinics since 2007. During this time, he’s had the privilege of working with thousands of MedShape clients from all walks of life. These areas range from professional athletes looking to enhance their performance to seriously ill individuals for whom weight loss was a life & death issue.

Dr. Sheehan received his medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and his undergraduate education at Iowa State University, where he was also a member of the swimming team. He feels his experience in competing as a Division I level athlete spurred a life long passion for studying and applying nutrition to improve overall health and performance. In addition, he still enjoys swimming and coaches youth swimming. Other interests include experimenting with nutritional strategies and exploring a wide range of physical activities.

Dr. Andrew Topliff, MD

Dr. Topliff is a Board Certified Physician in Emergency medicine as well as one of the top Toxicologist in the country.  You will find that Dr. Topliff brings years of experience from direct patient care and superior education for the MedShape staff and patients. He received his medical degree from the University of Washington School Of Medicine, Seattle. His advanced training includes Toxicology Fellowship and Emergency Medicine with Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis. Dr. Topliff enjoys being outdoors, travel, hiking and spending time with his children.

Dr. YoungJu Le

Dr. Le is passionate of getting to the root of health issues of all kinds. She is driven by educating her patients to better understand their personal health. Dr. Lee finds great joy in helping MedShape patients incorporate healthier lifestyle choices and ways to reduce stress. YoungJu (YJ) has extensive experience with a variety of healing modalities that aim to empower patients by integrating both traditional and alternative approaches.

Furthermore, originally from Seoul Korea, YJ spends her free time dancing Argentine Tango, hiking, practicing yoga and meditation, reading, and connecting with her family, friends and like spirited people. This is a must to keep her mind, body and spirit healthy and sound. YJ graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Health Sciences. YJ is a board certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor in the state of Arizona.

Dr. Joel Jones, MD

Dr. Jones is Board Certified in Family Practice since 2004. Practiced full-spectrum family medicine from 2001-2011. Delivered over 1,000 babies and cared for families both in the clinic and the hospitals. transitioned from Family Practice to full-time Emergency Medicine in 2011 to present. Dr. Jones married his high school sweetheart in 1995. Together they have raised three beautiful children and are officially enjoying time together as empty nesters! Golfing, traveling, and lake activities are just some of the many activities Dr.Jones and his wife enjoy.

Dr. Wilf Meeds, NMD

Dr. Meeds is a Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician who brings to MedShape an integration of Natural medicine with Western medicine. Our patients feel truly cared for by his compassionate nature. We call it a ‘breath of fresh care. Dr. Meeds’ passion for Anti-Aging medicine enables our patients to be healthier and look younger! The recent introduction of amniotic allograft to MedShape offers our patients amazing results for Regenerative Facial and Hair Therapy as well as Vaginal Rejuvenation. The use of signaling cells in turning on stem cells can bring never-before-experienced levels of healing and regeneration! Along with Regenerative Facial and Hair Regrowth Therapy, Dr. Meeds also offers traditional aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Meeds has extensive training and experience in Intravenous Therapy, with treatments for weight loss, fatigue, hangover, nutritional support, dementia, diabetes and many other health issues. He offers prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), and amniotic allograft therapy as non-surgical repair options for damaged joints and muscles. His primary goal is to help our patients be the best they can be!

Dr. Robyn Wright, NMD

Dr. Wright has worked in the healthcare field in various capacities over the 20 years including managing weight loss centers. Dr. Wright treats many health concerns but has a particular interest in optimization of the metabolism and hormone health.  Dr. Wright is available to Med Shape clients who are interested in exploring ways to optimize their results and overall health. 

MedShape provides safe, affordable, and fast weight loss.