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Lose Stress Weight – Break Down Cortisol to Burn Body Fat

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Lose STRESS Weight – Burn Body Fat

Our MELT Stress Diet is a Complete Medical Breakthrough in the Weight Loss Industry

MELT Stress Diet

Now you can lose stress weight and Burn Body Fat. You can start feeling like yourself again!  Thousands of Americans are over stressed and have no idea of the effect it has on the body.  Also the effect it has with our weight issues. Did you know that some hormones released from stress, called Cortisol, can actually build a barrier around your body fat? Furthermore, these hormones Cortisol can, and do, literally prevent your body from burning fat. 

Control Cortisol Levels to Lose Weight Faster

The MELT Diet for losing Stress Weight by Medshape Weight Loss Clinic is specifically designed to break down your stress hormones.  Due to the fact that these are the Stress hormones that drastically cause  weight gain. Also having to much Cortisol stress hormones in your body can make it impossible for you to lose weight caused by stress naturally. In combination with or without the (hCG)   SLIM Now Therapy medication, this method is a true success.  The MELT Diet weight loss program helps diminish the effects of stress weight gain. Doing this will allow you to sleep better, assist in shedding body fat and will lead to a positive lifestyle change.

Break Down Stress Hormones – ONLY Available Through MedShape

Yes, I’d like to learn how medshape can help me lose weight!

MELT Diet When we want to lose our Weight caused by Stress, we first need to understand where it comes from. MedShape Weight Loss Clinic, LLC has utilized the most aggressive approach to weight loss available. The M.E.L.T. Weight Loss Program which is designed for losing Stress Weight, is Medshape’s signature blend. Our special Weight Loss medication blend includes hormones, amino acids and proprietary formulation that is exclusive to the MedShape Weight Loss clinic. Furthermore, it allows you to start burning body fat. Metabolic Enhanced Lipolitic Therapy is designed to reactivate the metabolism and truly burn body fat, which is stored by heavy Cortisol levels caused from stress.  When you start to beak down your Cortisol levels, you will quickly notice a safe, healthy, rapid weight loss. Above all, mass inch loss happens..

effects of stress in body

Dangers of Stress

M.E.L.T. is “Thermogenic”. Thermogenic means it directly increases the MELT Dietrate at which the body can use fat as a source of fuel. It helps your body burn body fat much faster, & burn it in the areas we want it to. Like you stomach, face and back fat. M.E.L.T. Stress Diet increases the the activity of enzymes which allows our bodies to produce energy. By increasing the activity of these enzymes, the accelerated rate of fat metabolism can be achieved. Also this happens without creating nervousness, jittery feelings, elevated blood pressure or increased heart rate.

MedShape’s M.E.L.T. Stress Diet nutritional plan is designed to create the optimal hormonal environment for maximum body fat loss. This is not a “fad” or “crash” diet, nor does it involve the use of extreme caloric restrictions. Another thing, you do not have to buy expensive prepackaged food. MedShape’s M.E.L.T. nutritional plan is designed for both short and long term success. You will also find our Stress Weight Loss Plan to be encouraging simple, effective and nutritional habit forming.  This also involves  meals consisting of real foods. Actually, real food you can purchase from your grocery store. MedShape’s M.E.L.T. program   encourages lifestyle modifications and concentrates on addressing the underlying issues contributing to weight gain.

Is Stress Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Take The MELT Stress Test Now! Or find a MedShape weight loss clinic near you  and talk to any of our health care professionals for recommendations on the best way to lose body fat. It is not impossible to get your life back and lose your Stress Weight!

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*Results may vary depending on adherence to the MedShape nutritional plan and current medical conditions. Click here to read full disclaimer.