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hCG Diets to Help Weight Loss

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SLIM Now Therapy Extreme Weight Loss Program

hCG Diets For Weight Loss Support

MedShape Offers No Fads, Only REAL WEIGHT LOSS

Have you heard about the hCG and the hCG diet? Or wonder how hCG Weight Loss really works? Have you been searching for a Weight Loss Diet customized to your specific needs? Then You need to try MedShape’s updated hCG Diet Weight Loss Program. MedShape Weight Loss Clinic ™ would like to introduce you to a true weight loss diet that involves no surgery, no starving, no outrageous exercise programs, no dangerous pills or expensive packaged meals.

This hCG Weight Loss Program, which MedShape calls our SLIM Now Therapy Program (SLIM Now Therapy Ultra in Minnesota, as we DO NOT use the hCG Diet as a part of our weight loss programs in Minnesota.) was originally introduced as Dr. Simeons “weight loss cure protocol”. This amazing Weight Loss Program that uses hCG Shots has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients around the world over the last 60 years. After seeing fast and great weight loss results, Dr. Simeons became a true believer.  This was due to the weight loss results he saw. Also he knew these hCG shots were a great benefit to everyone who wanted and needed to lose weight. MedShape feels the same way also.

hCG  Weight Loss and SLIM Now Therapy ULTRA –  Not 500 Calories

“The average dieter who follows MedShape’s SLIM Now Therapy hormone injection program and SLIM Now Therapy ULTRA (Non Hormone use) experience fast weight loss, averaging a weight loss of 1/2 pound to 2 pounds per day.”

This advanced hCG and non hCG weight loss program can guarantee SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW OUR PROGRAM.

All of our weight loss programs are physician-supervised and completely safe. Our hCG Diet, known as SLIM Now Therapy is safe for all to use for their choice in a weight loss plan. hCG shots are a great way to protect the body from damage that can happen during any kind of nutrition change.

More About hCG Diets used in Weight Loss Settings

The hCG shot, which we use, is a common hormone that every man, woman and child’s body produces on their own daily. It is sometimes dubbed as the “Pregnancy Hormone”. This is due to the fact that in the first trimester the body of a pregnant woman develops this hormone in great amounts. The hCG hormone in pregnant women is a very misunderstood. The hCG shot and diet has many great benefits such as increasing the metabolism and promoting a lipolytic, or fat burning results for non-pregnant women and men.

You won’t feel as tired, hungry or grumpy as with most diets.  MedShape’s™ Weight Loss Program SLIM Now Therapy (used with or without the benefits of hCG) is very easy to start and virtually everyone is a good candidate for it.  Our success rate is over 90%* when adherence to the nutrition plan of anywhere from 1500-2000 calories a day and we are proud of it.

Start your way to weight loss with MedShape today! The ORIGINAL Weight Loss Clinic using hCG, the Hormone Made Famous in Diets and Weight Loss – for the RIGHT reasons.

SLIM Now Therapy (hCG) Weight Loss Program. What Benefits Will I Get From This DIET?

  • Lose Weight Fast and Easy
  • Reshape your body by retaining your muscle mass and losing body fat
  • Diminish your cravings
  • Sleep better than  Ever Before
  • Naturally start balancing your Hormones
  • Say goodbye to Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and other hormonal symptoms
  • Awaken a healthy libido
  • Experience a better sense of well being
  • Lose weight like you did when you were in your 20’s by waking up your metabolism once again!

Yes, I’d like to learn how medshape can help me lose weight!

So Much More Than Just an hCG “DIET”

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is the ONLY weight loss clinic offering hCG Weight Loss with our SLIM Now Therapy diet Program. Furthermore, our Weight Loss Program is the up to date version of Dr. Simeon’s original hCG Diet.  Because of this, you have Finally found an hCG Weight Loss Diet program that works. (hCG is NOT used a a part of our weight loss programs in Minnesota)

This is a true Hormone hCG Weight Loss program which uses prescription and non prescription medication.  Furthermore, These include hCG hormone therapy to naturally balance your hormones, support your Thyroid and kick start your body into a fat burning furnace. Also, signature dietary supplements which provides all of your internal support to accelerate your Weight Loss while utilizing hCG. In conclusion, prescription appetite suppressants and a state of the art nutritional & lifestyle plan. MedShape’s hCG SLIM Now Therapy Diet has become famous by Dr. Simeons for the safe, fast and effective weight loss experienced by those who have used this program to change both their bodies & lives.

Click here to view an example of our Weight Loss Diet

MedShape ™  is proud to boast our signature and state of the art hCG weight loss programs. Also we are truly excited to introduce specialized hCG weight loss diets that work for everyone. Our hCG Weight Loss Programs are up to date, safe and recognized by many health care professionals. This includes Cardiologists, Personal Trainers, Family Practice Physicians, Plastic Surgeons and Neurologists.

Based On Real Weight Loss Success with or without hCG

Our hCG Weight Loss Program is based on thousand of local Phoenix, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota patients. As well as thousands of national weight loss patients through out the country. Furthermore, our patients, when accompanied with hCG in their Slim Now Therapy Weight Loss Program, medication and a healthy calorie diet, see weight loss of a much faster speed than diet and exercise alone. Enjoy our professional medical support, unlimited weigh in visits, motivation, and a system that, when followed, can help you look better and feel better. Also shed the unwanted pounds. This is due to the contribution of an overall healthier lifestyle.

We understand that there must be alternatives to utilizing a hormone such as hCG. Furthermore, Minnesota has highly classified hCG into a scheduled 3 Drug category. Due to this reason, MedShape has decided to discontinue the use of hCG in Minnesota for our patients and as a part of  all of MedShape’s weight loss program in Minnesota.. The good news is, we have found a very solid replacement for this. This is known as SLIM Now Therapy Ultra. This method can be used in both Arizona and Minnesota.

Your Results With our hCGDiet Is Our Success In Weight Loss

MedShape has your safety and success in their highest interest. It is time to wake up your metabolism by getting involved with MedShape’s exclusive Hormone hCG Weight Loss Program and SLIM Now Therapy ULTRA Program. Watch your body fat start to disappear! Are you ready to make a change and regain your confidence? Become the NEW person you want to be? Stop in to many of our MedShpape locations today and find out how this hCG Diet SLIM Now Therapy and SLIM Now Therapy ULTRA (without hCG) can help you lose weight. Feel free to come in and start your Weight Loss. There is never a need for an appointment!

We have three convenient locations in Arizona, including Mesa Arizona weight loss, Tempe Arizona Weight Loss, Scottsdale Arizona Weight Loss, Phoenix Arizona Weight Loss, Glendale Arizona Weight Loss, Peoria Arizona Weight Loss. We have several Minnesota Weight Loss Clinic locations too including Maple Grove Minnesota and Woodbury Minnesota. Compare Weight Loss Programs

*Results are not guaranteed and may not be typical, successful results require strict compliance to nutritional & lifestyle plans recommended by MedShape’s™ SLIM Now Therapy. Click here to read full disclaimer.