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Affordable Weight Loss Plans

Program Starts at Only $20 Per Week

Lose weight on a budget? Medshape offers affordable Weight Loss Plans and variety of programs that can fit into everybody’s budget and lifestyle. Medshape’s FastTrack ™ Weight Loss Program starts at only $20 per week. It is designed for patients who are ready to make the commitment of losing weight fast and dive into the nutritional changes required for long-term health improvement. Our patients experience amazing results with this proven fast weight loss program that features Medshape’s proprietary thermogenic fat burnersappetite suppressants weekly weight loss counseling, fat burner shots as well as a comprehensive, customized nutrition plans.

Like all Medshape Weight Loss Clinic’s programs, the Fast Track, affordable weight loss program is a very economical weight loss program and is built around a balanced diet that offers you an easy, effective and fast weight loss.

Medshape’s Proprietary Fast Track Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Weight Loss Supplements and Medication Every Week
  • Fat Burner Injection Shots Weekly
  • MedShape’s Signature Nutrition Plan
  • Nutritional Counseling with A Certified MedShape Health Counselor Weekly
  • Hints, Tips, Advice for a Fast, Safe Weight Loss

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“Being a part of the MedShape Medical Team and offering Affordable Weight Loss Programs has been so rewarding.”

We understand that losing weight requires commitment, discipline and perseverance. Most importantly, taking that first step: Deciding to change your life. Then, it takes a good plan. An affordable weight loss program, as well as proven to help you lose weight fast and safe as possible. It’s hard to do it alone and, the truth is, if you could have done it on your own, you likely would have by now. Take full advantage of our well trained professional Health Counselors, Medical Team and the resources we share with all of our weight loss patients. The truth is you can get the best service, diet supplements, support and RESULTS through an Affordable Weight Loss Program. Here is the best news… You can pay weekly! Only $20 per week! When it comes to results and getting what you pay for, Medshape provides the tools you need and the experts. Our professional weight loss counselors are here to take the journey with you.

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on adherence to the MedShape nutritional plan and current medical conditions. Click here to read full disclaimer.