Now You Can Lose Weight From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Available Throughout The United States

Now you can lose weight from home and enjoy all of the benefits that MedShape has to offer. No need to live by a MedShape Weight Loss clinic location to experience there real weight loss results that our patients receive. MedShape offers a comprehensive 6-week program that will kick start your weight loss. Here is what you will receive in your package.

lose weight from home national program

Now You Can Lose Weight From Home

Our 6-Week Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Samples of MedShape Protein line
  • MedShape Proprietary Nutrition plan
  • Unlimited phone / email support
  • Access to  Members Only website
  • Weekly weigh in appointments 
  • Weight Loss Cookbook Access
  • Weight Loss Counseling
  • MedShape Kick Start Supplements
  • 6 weeks of MedShape medication

Yes, I’d like to learn how medshape can help me lose weight!

Receive all of the tools you will need to be successful in your journey. Hundreds of MedShape patients have already started this program and we have seen great results. We have five physical locations in Arizona and Minnesota. In addition to that, MedShape offers our medical weight loss programs from the comfort of your home. Our programs are used for fast, safe weight loss anywhere you live! We are aware that some of our patients may be too busy to meet with us weekly. Many people want to lose weight but live out of the area or out of state from a physical location. We want everyone to be able to experience the weight loss and success that our clinics see daily. This is a program that will help you not only lose weight but also help you:

  • Get healthier
  • Overcome the stress and emotions that interfere with your weight loss
  • Give you the support you need to change your lifestyle
  • Answer all of your questions regarding your weight loss journey
  • Learn about the right way to eat to stay healthy
  • Create new habits while losing weight
  • Set yourself up for better ways to maintain your weight loss
  • Gain confidence in yourself by offering 24 hours support

Just because you do not live near a MedShape location does not mean you have to miss out on the benefits that MedShape Weight Loss Clinic offers our patients.

The MedShape Home Weight Loss Program is based upon the same principles as our clinical program, but has been modified for optimal home program results. As a patient who chooses this program, you will be communicating directly with one of our experienced weight loss counselors. This is done by phone, email, FaceTime or Skype. You can choose the best communication tool based on your preference.

Now everybody can lose weight the MedShape way!

Call Now or fill out our side form for more information and get started on your weight loss journey.

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on adherence to the MedShape nutritional plan and current medical conditions. Click here to read full disclaimer.
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