Lipotropic Shots in Phoenix for Weight Loss 

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do on our own. When we decide to lose weight, we want to lose those extra pounds as quickly as possible. Not to mention for those who have been struggling for a while, finding ways to boost weight loss results is always a bonus which is why many people are turning to lipotropic injections .

While these types of weight loss injections have been around for years, they are finally gaining popuarity and notoriety among weight loss programs. Why?  They are made of ingredients to help your body eliminate fat faster and more easily. In other words, Lipotropic Shots speed up your body’s metabolism when it comes to how fat is processed. They decrease the amount of fat deposited in your body.  Moreover, help your body remove fat more efficiently.

What are lipotropic injections? 

Lipotropic injections are shots that contain a high dose of essential nutrients. Lipotropic injections used for weight loss contain MIC—a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline. They help you to maintain your energy as well as increase levels while on your lower-calorie and carb weight loss plan. The reason tis to support healthy fat burning. Plus, the combination of these nutrients help promote, encourage and support the removal of fat from your body. Without these nutrients, bile and fat can build up in your liver causing an array of health problems as well as causing your metabolism to slow, and in severe cases block fat metabolism completely.

Most of our patients who receive Lipotropic Shots find that the injections also help with mental fogginess and improved mood.

Do lipotropic shots really help with weight loss?

Yes! Lipotropic injections are a great way to boost your weight loss results. However, keep in mind that these are not miracle shots. It’s important to maintain weekly weight in appointments, stick to your healthy nutrition plan and continue to concentrate on your weight loss goals. To achieve the best results you need to combine these weight loss injections with a healthy diet such as MedSHape’s nutrition plan.

When feelings of sluggishness are replaced with the abundant energy of an increased fat metabolism you can expect more weight loss, fat burning and a all around better week. Plus, lipotropic injections help preserve lean muscle mass which further helps your body shed body fat.

How do lipotropic injections help with weight loss?

Lipotropic injections assist with weight loss in a variety of ways including:

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Stimulate your metabolism so you burn fat faster
  • Stimulate liver functions for better fat burn
  • Speed up the break down of fat in your body
  • Assists with suppressing the appetite
  • Transforms carbohydrates into energy

Are there other additional benefits to lipotropic shots besides weight loss?

Absolutely! In addition to being completely natural fat-burning aids, lipotropic shots have a range of health benefits such as:

  • Lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Helping you feel more energetic and less prone to depression
  • Protecting the liver from damage
  • Protecting the joints by helping with cartilage formation and preventing the onset of arthritis
  • Increasing the strength in your hair and nails
  • Preventing or relieving a range of illnesses such as diabetic nerve pain, panic attacks, insomnia, cancer, depression, ADHD, psoriasis and autism
  • Helping you think more clearly and remain more alert
  • Restoring the balance of your hormones

What to expect with Lipotropic Injections for Weight Loss?

Before lipotropic shots, you feel sluggish and aren’t having a lot of success losing weight. Lipotropic injections give your body a jump start on losing weight and you get a noticeable boost in energy. If your body is missing essential nutrients that support the metabolic process even a healthy diet and exercise routine may not be enough to start losing weight. Lipotropic injections help jump start weight loss by providing your body with powerful such as B12, methionine, inositol and choline.

If you have been trying everything and are unable to lose weight, then try MedShape. Our team stand on the forefront on the latest and greatest technology and advances in bariatric medicine, and that includes the amazing lipotropic Shots. The lipotropic injection helps your body better metabolize and lose fat, unveiling a new and slimmer you.

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Lipotropic literally means “fat-loving” in reference to substances that are able to help the liver metabolize fats and remove them from the blood stream. Lipotropic nutrients are part of a team of essential nutrients that play a very important role in the way our body uses fats. The liver is the key organ when it comes to metabolizing fats, and the Lipotropic Injection from MedShape Weight Loss Specialists in Phoenix.


The Lipotropic shots and Injections are a mixture of several vitamins and nutrients to make the best fat burning possible. The Lipotropic Shot for weight loss Injection consists of Choline, Methionine and Inositol.


Lipotropic shots doesn’t just help you lose weight, it also offers your body additional health and wellness benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Lipotropic injections from MedShape Weight Loss Specialists in Phoenix and Minneapolis.

  • Increase metabolizing of fat
  • Cleanse the liver of stored fat
  • Lower cholesterol