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Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Does insurance cover any part of the program?

Medshape does not directly accept insurance. Medshape can assist patients on reimbursement for out of network medical treatments by providing  you with a Super Bill which explains why MedShape is necessary for your health to encourage weight loss.  as well as, the need of medical necessity. Medshape does accept flex spending insurance as well as HSA accounts.


Question: How much does a Medshape weight loss program cost?

Medshape has designed many different tiers of programs and costs. Programs fees can vary depending on each individuals needs. For an accurate cost, contact your nearest Medshape clinic for a consultation.  Medshape is known to be very affordable and there are no hidden costs.  Our programs begin at $99 per month.


Question: Will I be overseen by medical staff?

Yes, Medshape’s medical weight loss staff includes Physicians, Registered nurses and Medical Assistants. Rest assured, you are in excellent care with Medshape.


Question: If I have medical issues, can I still participate in a Medshape weight loss program?

Yes, Medshape understands the health issues that are associated with obesity. It is not uncommon to have high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetic, hypertension, heart disease or many other complication. Medshape knows with weight loss, many health issues are drastically reduced and in some cases corrected.


Question: Will I be hungry on the the Medshape Weight Loss program?

Not at all. Medshape weight loss programs ensure all patients take in an adequate amount of calories per day along with frequent eating. Medshape also has appetite suppressants and medication to help with cravings available.


Question: What is the caloric intake I will be eating daily on a Medshape Weight Loss program?

Answer: Medshape patients eat anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 calories per day. Many individuals have the mis conception that cutting calories reduce weight. That is not necessarily true. To lose weight, you need to take in an adequate amount of calories, they key is the “RIGHT” calories and food. You can gain weight on 500 calories if it is the wrong food and lose weight on 2,000 calories if it is the RIGHT foods. Medshape is proud to be the leaders in weight loss and stand strongly against any kind of 500 calorie diet.


Question: What kind of food can I eat?

On a Medshape weight loss program, you will enjoy eating a properly balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, complex carbs, dairy and fats. Our program also accommodates special conditions related to food intolerances or sensitivities and vegetarian lifestyles. Some foods and beverages are restricted during the weight reduction phase, but all foods are gradually added back to your diet after you reach your goal weight. You will be thrilled by the flexibility you will have to choose foods so you won’t be hungry or bored!


Question: Do I have to eat pre-packaged meals?

The Medshape Weight Loss Programs use regular grocery store food that you can prepare yourself at home or that you can order in most restaurants. We do not make you dependent on expensive, pre-packaged meals. The program is family friendly so you are not eating a separately during meal times. Our focus is on teaching you healthy eating habits and portion control that you and your entire family can benefit from.


Question: Where can I get the Medshape MELT Weight Loss medication?

Medshape’s MELT medication is patent pended and formulated directly for Medshape Weight Loss Clinic, LLC. There is no other Physician or clinic in the world that is able to prescribe this weight loss medication. MELT is 100% exclusive to Medshape Weight Loss Clinic, LLC.


Question: Can I exercise on the Medshape Weight Loss Program?

Yes, this will improve your weight loss, lean mass and overall results. If requested, Medshape will help you design an exercise program that is built around your endurance and needs.


Question: Will I gain my weight back?

Although there is no miracle drug which will cause you to not put weight back on, Medshape is dedicated in leading our patients into a balanced lifestyle which maintains a normal healthy weight. The key to keeping weight off is making new habits and lifestyle changes. Click here for more information.


Question: How important is Medshape’s maintenance program?

Medshape’s maintenance program is very important to overall success. Losing the weight with Medshape is the easy part, keeping the weight off takes strong lifestyle change as well as development of new habits. Medshape’s maintenance program is designed to direct our patients through the changes necessary to maintain weight loss. This includes a twelve month transitional phase with our premium programs, lifestyle workbooks, private members only website, stress concentration and much more. Of course Medshape’s professional exclusive trained staff assists all patients through the steps of transition.


*Results may vary depending on adherence to the MedShape nutritional plan and current medical conditions. Click here to read full disclaimer. 

MedShape provides safe, affordable, and fast weight loss.