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If you are looking to lose weight fast and safe, look no further. MedShape Weight Loss Clinic introduces the fastest and most innova

weight loss program

tive weight loss program available today. This new patent pending Weight Loss formula is here to majorly boost your metabolism and burn your body fat fast. More so, allowing you to eat up to 2000 calories per day. Therefore, experience the benefits of BeLean and start watching your body transform into the body you have always wanted. Because we are not just about losing weight fast, we actually put a huge focus on helping you maintain the weight loss results that you will achieve for the the long term. Losing your weight is easy, changing your lifestyle to be healthier is the true results.


Introducing an exclusive 3-Step Program that will help you lose weight fast and safely — BeLean by MedShape. You will find this innovative Weight Loss Program get your weight off and with our help, maintaining your weight loss results over time becomes a reality.

A new weight loss formula created by MedShape will kick your your metabolism into high gear and burn stored body fat. With BeLean, you can quickly lose weight while feeling energetic, not hungry and in a positive state all day.

You will have receive the benefits of all of the nutrients your body needs to cause the right environment for an accelerated fat burning thermogenic solution without any stimulants. Just what your body needs for a fast weight loss.

Imagine your metabolism awake and working 24 hours a day…This is what you will achieve.

Lose weight last with BeLean

Make Losing Weight Easy

Now you can have all the Weight Loss results as the hCG diet but at a faster and SAFER rate than just using hCG alone.

*In Minnesota, our programs are Non-Hcg built. We do not use, administer or dispense hCG to Minnesota patients.

Get all the help, support and accountability that our MedShape professional health counselors will offer you on a weekly basis. This is the main focus to a fast weight loss with BeLean. The more support, the better the results!

A proprietary weight loss mix you can only get through MedShape Weight Loss Clinic.

Wake up your Thyroid, Metabolism and Start Shrinking TODAY!

See Our Before and After Weight Loss Results From Our Patients

BeLean Before Photo Fast Weight Loss
Belean after photo Fast Weight Loss

Make your weight loss goals a reality with the MedShape’s BeLean weight loss program for fast weight loss, designed to get you to your healthy weight fast and safely. Furthermore, we have helped women and men of all ages lose a significant amounts of weight with our BeLean Diet. Their fast weight loss results can be your motivation.  Prove that you can do it too! In conclusion, with our help and all of the tools we have available to get your weight off, we can guide you through your weight loss journey for the LAST time!


LOSE Weight with BeLean TODAY!

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Lose Weight Fast with the BeLEAN Diet Program by MEDSHAPE


What Will I Benefit From BeLean?

-Helps Reactivate Your Metabolism -Safely Wakes Up Your Thyroid -Jump Start Your Body to Burn Fat -Diminish Your Appetite -Helps You Sleep Better -Drop up to 1 Size Every 2-3 Weeks -Break Down Insulin Levels -Helps Balance Out Your Hormones -Helps Maintain Your Weight Loss – All this AND more!

Follow a Medically Supervised Program with PROVEN RESULTS!


How Does BeLean Works?

BeLean by MedShape is an exclusive 3-Step Program designed to help you lose weight faster and safely while maintaining your weight loss results over time. With MedShape’s prorietary blend only available through our clinic, you will have the benefit of all of the nutrients your body needs to cause the right environment for a positive fat burning thermogenic mix without any stimulants. Imagine your metabolism at its peak 24 hours a day… That’s what you will achieve. Our top loser so far has lost 23 pounds in 10 days! AND a high of 58 pounds in just 2 MONTHS! Not to mention all of the help, support and accountability that MedShape’s professional staff offers you on a constant basis.


What Is In It and How Do I Take It?

MedShape’s BeLean Program is made up of a variety of Amino Acids, Minerals, Nutrients, bcaa and potent vitamins all in one very small injection of which is administered once a week. Taking this injection and following MedShape’s Signature Nutrition Plan which allows you to eat up to 2000 calories per day, your body will be balanced in all ways from the pituitary to the endcrine system. This will allow our BeLean injections to cause a rapid fat burning process to give YOU a fast weight loss of 20+ pounds in just a few short weeks. You are guided every week by MedShape’s professional medical staff and counselors so you will never have to figure this out alone.

About Medshape

Medical Weight Loss Clinic


MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is determined to offer the best and most advanced ways of methods and medication in the weight loss industry. Our customized individual Diet plans are considered to be innovative and one of a kind. As a result, our medically supervised weight loss programs have become exclusive. You have many choices in weight loss providers. But if you’re looking for the best diet program with proven success, BeLean Weight Loss is your route. Once again enjoy inspiring confidence. We make weight loss rewarding!


We based our weight loss programs and plans around your daily activities and events. One size does not fit all. One program and weight loss plan simply will not work for everyone. Our medical team specializes in understanding your needs, your schedule and your lifestyle and will create a plan that is customized to you. It’s the only way you will actually be able to lose weight and keep it off for years.


MedShape Medical Weight Loss Clinic always goes above and beyond for our patients, giving you the care that you deserve and creating a personalized treatment plan just for your needs. Our programs for weight loss are actively managed by professional weight loss counselors with extensive nutritional and weight loss experience. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure you reach your goal!

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