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Healthy Weight Loss Programs

Medshape is not just about losing weight. It’s about creating a healthy weight loss plan to keep it off. After all, how long have you been dieting? Wouldn’t it be nice to not to have to worry about weight loss anymore and be able to eat what you want when you want? In Medshape’s weight loss maintenance program, this is what we accomplish.

YAY! I lost my weight! NOW WHAT?

After you and Medshape get you to your comfort point or weight goal, you will begin Medshape’s maintenance phase of weight loss. The key components to Medshape maintenance include:

  • Discover a good relationship with food
  • How to eat when you want what you want
  • Develop a custom caloric and protein intake around your body composition
  • Awareness of emotional and stress eating
  • Continued support and counseling
  • Creating a weight loss plan to help you maintain your healthy weight loss

Yes, I’d like to learn how medshape can help me lose weight!

It is key to change your lifestyle and habits to maintain healthy weight loss. Remember…statistics prove that people gain most their weight loss back within the first 6 months. If weight loss is maintained for a year or longer, statics show it is maintained.

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