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5 Fat Loss Myths to Losing Weight

5 Fat Loss Myths

It’s world of contradiction and confusion. Particularly when the topic is Health and Fitness. It’s not your fault if you don’t believe what I’m saying. Because everyday these statements are changing. But I must say what I know to be true. And it’s your choice whether you believe it or not. I’ll be honest with you. Everybody is unique. So, everyone’s method to achieve optimum health and fitness should be unique as well. This is where all the contradiction origins. Experts write and publish whatever they’ve got success with. But the problem arises when they prescribe same health and fitness solution to everybody. Because, whatever they suggest, can never be applicable to all. I’ve listed up some popular beliefs that are not correct when it’s about fat loss or weight loss. You can believe me. Because as far as I know, what I’m writing is truth.

Myth-1: Cardio is better than strength training.

This statement is ages old. It is already well known to most people looking for losing weight that this is not right. There are many ways for fat loss, but not all are healthy solutions. Fat loss can never be the only solution. Keeping a good health is also essential. Follow the below guidelines to keep yourself on the right track while losing weight.

  • Resistance training is good. Neither too much nor too less. 3 to 4 times a week and at least 30 minutes per hour is found to be very effective. Some of the famous and effective workouts are squats, dead lifts, lunges, military presses, chins etc.
  • You are not going to eat low carb or low fat or high protein diet. If you are a meat eater, you don’t have to be vegetarian. You are going to eat nutritious food which suits your metabolism the best. 
  • Water is life. You are going to drink a lot of water. The term “a lot” means no less than it’s required as per your body weight.
  • You must manage your stress. You can use meditation, yoga, martial arts specially Aikido, music, playing with kids. Remember, stress plays a very important role in weight loss. Once you have control over your stress level, you are ready to start losing weight.

Myth-2: You have to take Low Calorie or Low Fat Diet to lose weight.

Calorie has a role in weight loss. But this is not all. You must understand that calorie supply is mainly the job of dietary carbohydrate. When you lower your calorie intake less than a particular level, your metabolism slows down. Ultimately, your body stops burning fat. So, the energy will be supplied from burning muscles which you don’t want. You are going to concentrate on proper nutrition while keeping an eye on calorie. That’s good enough for losing fat.

Too much junk food is not healthy at all whether you are obese or not. If you are habituate to take junk food every day, reduce it. Start replacing it with healthy foods, fresh fruits, and above-ground vegetables. Start work out plan. Stop running too much as it hurts your joints and doesn’t burn much calorie. Start walking more and more in higher speed. Gym is good when you have a trainer with you.

Myth-3: Fat loss pills can boost your metabolism

Fat loss pills will increase heart rate temporarily, reduce your appetite. So you must be thinking that less appetite and less eating means fat loss. Sorry to say, you are wrong and you are bringing harm to yourself in the long run. Once you eat less below a certain level, you decrease metabolism. Eventually you are slowing down fat loss process. Also, you are soon going to be addicted to those pills.

In short, strength training, drinking enough water and eating organic nutritious foods are the only solutions to boost your metabolism.

Myth-4: Abdominal Crunches Reduce Belly Fat.

This is well known myth and I’ll be straight forward. Tummy fat is not like the fat in other parts of your body. Doing abs exercises like Crunches and Sit-Ups don’t work for losing tummy fat and building six pack abs. When you are suffering with tummy fat, crunches and sit ups will strengthen the belly muscles and will push the belly fat up. As a result, you’ll see your belly growing.

Proper nutrition and whole body work out is the only solution to losing tummy fat.

Myth-5: Losing fat from thighs can be done with Endurance Training:

To tell the truth, you’ll have to make several trial and error for this. Because earlier it worked with some and also it didn’t work with some people. So, my suggestion is try for a few months. If you see success, carry on and keep record of your success to understand the rate of fat loss from thighs. 

Thighs may be fat because of hormonal imbalance. Too much oestrogen might be a reason for this. If this is the reason for you, I suggest you to seek for expert advice. A personal trainer with a proven track record can give you a good advice to get rid of fat from lower part of your body.fat loss myths

10-Diet Tips

10 Real Life Diet Tips

Are you tired of diet tips handed out by someone with apparently unlimited income and time? For some of us, it may just not be practical to spend half of our Sunday preparing carefully portioned meals for the rest of the week, or financially feasible to buy all our meals prepackaged in just the right portions. And there are those of us who cringe at the thought of weighing food to achieve ‘optimal portion sizes’. Here are ten real life diet tips for the rest of us.

10 Diet Tips that Work

10 diet tips

1. Eat… Are you tired of diet tips handed out by someone with apparently unlimited income and time? For some of us, it may just not be practical to spend half of our Sunday preparing carefully portioned meals for the rest of the week, or financially feasible to buy all our meals prepackaged in just the right portions. And there are those of us who cringe at the thought of weighing food to achieve ‘optimal portion sizes’. Here are ten real life diet tips for the rest of us.

1. Eating out? Restaurant portions tend to be enormous, and if it’s on the plate, we tend to eat it. If it’s possible, order from the kidís menu, where portions are more reasonably sized. Also ask for a to go box right away. Package up half of the food on your plate before you start eating. Save it for tomorrow’s lunch.

2. Keep healthy snacks around and easily accessible. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, a container of celery or radishes in the refrigerator, or a couple of pop-open cans of tuna salad in your desk at work will help you grab for something healthy when those first hunger pains begin. In other words, you’ll be more likely to grab something low-calorie and good for you if it’s easy to eat.

3. Substitute frozen vegetables and drop the canned ones. Canned veggies tend to be high in sodium, which you don’t need, and low in real nutrition, which you do. Buy economy size bags with zip closures to make it easy to pour out a single serving for a meal.

4. Buy a vegetable steamer. Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables. The food retains nearly all of its natural nutrients instead of leaching it out into the cooking water. Even better, it makes your veggies taste great – which means you’ll be more likely to eat them instead of filling up on fatty foods that pack on weight.

5. Never eat standing up. One of the easiest ways to sabotage your diet is to ‘eat without thinking’. Treat eating with the respect that it deserves. Fix yourself a plate. Sit down and eat properly. You’ll be less likely to just pop food into your mouth without paying attention.

6. Spread your meals out. When you eat three meals a day, your body tends to store whatever it doesn’t need right that moment. By adopting a ‘grazing’ habit, you’ll keep your metabolism working throughout the day. Have a small breakfast, a piece of fruit with crackers or toast at mid-morning, a light lunch and an ‘after school snack’ mid-afternoon. Just remember that you’re breaking up the same amount of food into smaller meals, not ADDING more food into your daily diet.

7. Grab a low carb drink or flavored water instead of soda. Soda is nothing but empty calories. No nutrients, lots of sugar. Instead, grab a bottle of 100% fruit juice, or water flavored with a spritz of fruit.

8. Drink water. Even the FDA recommends at least 8 full 8 ounce glasses of water a day to keep your body working right. When you’re dieting, you should drink even more. It’s not just that full feeling – water helps your body digest foods properly and cleans out your system.

9. Can’t afford a gym membership? Make a pact with friends to exercise together. Make a date at least three times a week to play volleyball, take a walk or spend half an hour doing something active.

10. Skip the potato chips. Fatty snacks fried in hydrogenated oil like potato chips contribute fat and calories and not much else. Instead, grab a handful of dried fruit or a cup of yogurt for the same amount of calories and a lot more nutritional benefit.

We all know there are so many more tips that we can go on, but these 10 Diet Tips are a great way to start a week out rig


Curb The Carb and Sugar Cravings With A Sleep Diet

Add Some Quality Sleep To Improve Your Diet

Not sleeping well can lead to a number of problems and unfortunately, many adults often get less sleep than they need—lesser than the generally recommended eight hours of sleep a night.

Recent study conducted by the King’s College London suggests that increased sleep can be a clear-cut technique to help pare sugar consumption resulting to improved health.

Sugar, as we all know, plays a key role in the development of many of the dreadful diseases we fear most, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s to name a few. As the amount of sleep is reduced, our blood sugar increases. With ample sleep, people can wake up tired and reach to the constant surge of sugar and simple carbs which puts a significant burden on the pancreas.  This leads to a condition called prediabetes which affects at least one-third of the American population these days.

Researchers further looked at the effect of increasing sleep hours on nutrient absorption. They found that extending sleep patterns resulted in a 10-gram reduction in reported intake of free sugars compared to baseline levels. The researchers also noticed trends for reduced intake of total carbohydrates reported by the sleep extension group.

Participants of the sleep extension group underwent sleep management personified to their lifestyle. These are abstention from coffee before bedtime, setting up a relaxing routine, not going to bed too full or hungry and a recommended bed time.

So if you want to stay healthy, begin tracking your sleep now!

Are you battling sugar cravings? Say goodbye to cravings with Sugar Lean—a wonder supplement to help reduce or even eliminate your hankerings for the sweet stuff.

Stay On With Your Diet With These Best Arizona Healthy Dining Restaurants

Want To Eat Healthy When Dining Out?

Going out to eat can always be a tricky situation when you’re trying to stick to healthier eating habits. People tend to avoid restaurants when they’re watching their weight and agrees that a lower-calorie meal option when dining away from home is the best way to keep their food-related goals. So to help you stick to your healthy eating resolutions, we suggest you try these Arizona healthy dining restaurants:

Flower Child

Arizona healthy dining

Healthy Food For A Healthy World…
If you are a vegan, it is sometimes hard to find a good restaurant that offers a great variety of healthy options.  Flower Child, owned by Sam Fox – the creator of the well-known and beloved True Food Kitchen concept is a perfect healthy lunch spot that caters to both carnivores and vegans with a variety of gluten-free options as well. You can build your own meal by adding ingredients or get a variety of delicious sides. All dishes are served fresh, tasty and well prepared.  Try their best ever Brussel Sprouts, Amazing Butternut Squash or Cauliflower with Tofu and you surely won’t regret it.

How To Get There
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Cutting Board Cafe

Arizona Healthy Dining

A unique and great vegan spot in Mesa, Arizona, the Cutting Board Bakery and Cafe uses only organic and locally produced ingredients and serves a variety of gluten-free options. The foods are not just tasty and meat-free but also filled with all kinds of healthy ingredients that you won’t often find in most restaurants. The place offer events like movie nights that focus on interesting topics about diet and lifestyle making it a great opportunity to mingle with other folks that are on the same path toward healthy and mindful eating.

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Pita Jungle

Arizona healthy dining

With multiple locations around Phoenix, this is a sure bet for fresh healthy and tasty food. Definitely a go-to place if you like Mediterranean food. This place serves more than just pitas but a great variety of deliciously hummus options and healthy choices. Their Cilantro Jalapeno hummus and Red pepper Hummus are must tries. Great food for all dietary restrictions!

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Pomegranate Cafe

Arizona healthy dining

No doubt, this is one of the best vegan and organic restaurant in Phoenix. The foods are made from fresh items grown locally and serves a wide selection from salads and specials to all kinds of tasty desserts. Vegan, vegetarian or omnivore alike can find something wonderful to tantalize even the pickiest of taste buds. The options for breakfast and lunch were endless and so are their smoothies and fresh juices. The place can be a bit pricey, but if quality matters to you, you wouldn’t mind paying for it.

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Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen

Arizona healthy dining

If you are looking for a bit of a new healthier choice combined with Italian food, then this place is for you. This place has something for everyone, gluten free, vegetarian, and everywhere in between. You will be drawn with its high reviews abiding by its mission of providing only the highest quality of ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, processed without the use of nitrates/nitrites, hormones or antibiotics or locally sourced, as well as catering to allergy and dietary friendly profiles.

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Losing weight can be no easy task especially if you are confronted every day with unhealthy food choices. Kick up the knowledge with more diet tips and the latest in weight loss news by checking regularly our weight loss blog.

Get Those Pounds Off After The Holidays

Post Holiday Diet

Did you overeat these holidays? Holiday weight gain is real. In fact, study showed that the extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose. You will need a lot of will power to get back to eating right after spending the past few weeks filling up on holiday treats.

Take these tips if you’re looking to undo the damage of your holiday splurging and lose the holiday weight gain:

✓ Heap on the Healthy Meal
First, come to terms with the fact that the holiday is actually over and get back into the habit of regular grocery shopping for healthy ingredients to make nutritious, calorie-restricted meals. Try to focus on motivators for wanting to lose weight so you can be more mindful.

✓ Sweat It Out
You can’t expect to lose weight immediately through exercise. However, doing it will help give you cardiovascular strength, healthy bones, better sleep and stress levels which are the perfect antidote to holiday madness. Do something you enjoy and exercise to an extent that won’t make you stressed out. Your body, mind, and waistline will thank you.

If you want to release and flush out the toxins in your body, you need to make sure you’re getting a sufficient amount of water each day. The recommended amount is your weight divided in half and converted to ounces. For example, a 140 pound woman would want to drink 70 ounces of water a day, which amounts to just over 2 liters.

Get a Clean Start
You can get some help starting the year off right by joining weight loss programs. Medshape Weight Loss Clinic can make sure you have the support you need to make your weight loss a priority.

Two little words that can make the difference: START NOW!

Have you ever run across the concept of detox water?
Click to learn how you can upgrade your boring H2O.

Stay Healthy With These 5 Essential Minerals

One of the key tasks of major minerals is to maintain the proper balance of water in our body. The whole foods we eat provide us most of the essential minerals we need. However, there are times we do not consume enough, that if it happens for a long period of time can lead to deficiency.

A study recently revealed there has been a 25–80 percent decline in the mineral content of our foods due to over-farming, chemical fertilizers and an increase in food processing.

Symptoms of a mineral deficiency depend on the mineral you are lacking and the severity of your deficiency, but possible red flags include everything from bloating and loss of appetite to lack of energy, poor concentration and anxiety.

So which essential minerals do you need?

This mineral—an estimated 80 percent of Americans are deficient in it—is especially important for women older than 40, as it prevents bone loss that may lead to osteoporosis. It can also help regulate blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, and is known for its sleep-enhancing benefits.

The most abundant mineral in the body, calcium is best known for its crucial role in the development of bones and teeth, but it also ensures other systems work correctly. If your body is deficient in calcium, it will absorb it from your bones and teeth, causing them to become brittle and more prone to decay.

Iron is needed to carry oxygen throughout the body’s cells so they can produce energy. According to the World Health Organization, up to 30 percent of the world’s population may have an iron deficiency called anemia, which can lead to fatigue, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, hair loss and more.

An electrolyte that counteracts the negative effects of sodium, potassium helps maintain healthy blood pressure. It also helps regulate fluid balance in the body and controls the electrical activity of the heart and other muscles.

Zinc is prized for its antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. It’s commonly taken as a supplement by those looking to reduce the frequency at which they get sick—it’s also lost through sweat, so athletes often require more of it.

Resource: Yahoo Lifestyle

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