physician supervised weight loss clinic

ABC15 reports on MedShape, a physician supervised weight loss clinic that has offices in AZ and MN.

Having some extra weight on you is frustrating.  I completely understand.  My son was born in 2011 and I’ve been feeling the frustration ever since.  Ugh! Plus, my body shape is all messed up.  I tried going to a trainer at the gym – didn’t work.  She didn’t hold me accountable or give me much nutritional guidance.  I also tried different diets that friends recommended – with no success.  There are just too many trendy diets on the market to be sure which is best!  I was afraid of slipping into unhealthy dieting..

So how do you stay away from unhealthy dieting?  Find a reputable, medical weight loss clinic like MedShape.  Good thing I found MedShape and got a nutritional guidance before it was too late!

I started thinking on all of my friends and their unhealthy dieting experiences because yesterday, I saw a MedShape video on ABC15.  (That was pretty cool, seeing my program being covered by Susan Casper on Sonoran Living.)  They had Dr Sheehan on and were talking about MedShape’s Extreme Weight Loss Challenge.  MedShape has picked 2 contest winners, Michelle and Christine, and now we’ll be able to follow their progress through the physician supervised weight loss clinic, MedShape of Peoria, AZ.  Cool.  (There are also clinics in Mesa and Scottsdale!)

The video also talked about this cool new body composition machine that MedShape just received.  I was on it the other day and it gave the breakdown of my body fat vs lean muscle mass.  Eeks… fun but scary. haha It’s a sure way to avoid unhealthy dieting because weighing in on this body composition machine will allow you to track your true fat loss, instead of just weight loss.  Not that I was able to make much sense of the print-out… that’s what the medical staff is for and yet another reason to find a physician supervised weight loss clinic.

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out about the interesting video I saw… good job on that!  I hope people take advantage of MedShape’s free consultations and physician supervised weight loss program and get their bootays into the clinic.  Being guided by MedShape is a sure way to avoid unhealthy dieting!

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