So my 2nd week on the MedShape Weight Loss program has come to an end and let me tell ya, this week was full of temptations!  To start, I went camping with my fiancé’s family (naturally skinny people who would eat the moon if they could reach it).  Then, Aunt Flo dropped in for her monthly visit, bringing the typical chocolate chip cookie cravings.  Ugh.

Despite these 2 trying events, I was able to avoid any ‘cheating’ setbacks.  My ability to resist cravings and stick to the nutrition plan was much stronger than I thought it would be!  The tips that my MedShape consultant told me really worked.

Here is a quick rundown of ways to resist cravings.

  • Drink Water – not only is water the best natural appetite suppressant, it also optimizes your body for weight loss.  Water will help keep your belly full until you can put a healthy snack in front of you… and resist cravings that are damaging to your weight loss goals.

  • Prepare Ahead of Time – by making sure you have your daily nutrition planned, you won’t waste time or the valuable energy required to resist cravings and hunger.  (Always have a protein shake or protein bar with you and consider carrying a ziplock of sliced cucumbers, zucchini, etc. in your purse so you’ll have a healthy snack on hand.)

  • Eat Small Meals – I know you’ve heard this a million times but… it really works.   I am eating or drinking a protein shake 5-6 times a day and, I never get hungry.  Many times, I have trouble eating 1200 calories a day.  Because I am never hungry, it was a lot easier to resist cravings of chocolate chip cookies (my weakness and monthly ‘girly week’ addiction) and the roasted marshmallows that were being offered on the camping trip.

  • Eat Healthy – this is simple common sense when you want to lose weight, right?  Well a lot of people may not understand that frequent protein-packed fiber-rich meals are key to craving reduction and weight loss.  That’s why, as mentioned earlier, I always carry snacks that include both protein and fiber.

  • Keep a Food Journal – food logging may seem like a pain but it can really help your weight loss consultant in figuring out what may be causing your continued cravings.  Sometimes, lacking a certain nutrient will make it harder to resist cravings of different natures.

  • Additional Help – if you’re practicing all of these tips and still struggling with cravings, the MedShape weight loss clinics offer extra help with their SLIM Now therapy.  For example, they have a supplement designed especially for cravings called Crave-B-Gone.  Just give them a call; they understood my needs so well, I’m sure they can help with yours, too.

Keep these points in mind when you are trying to resist cravings.  If you stay on a healthy track, you will speed up your weight loss and get the results you want.  Remember, even cheating only once a week will throw your body’s rhythm into whack and reduce the results of a typical 5-week weight loss program by half or more!  Stay Strong!  We got this.  🙂

What else works for you when you are trying to resist cravings?  Please share your ideas with me in the comments below.


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