Medshape Weight Loss

This is me, Susan D, expecting my first child.

“Without my belly, I wouldn’t have his belly.” What a great quote. I heard it (ok, I saw it on Pinterest), when my son was a newborn. I have embraced that idea ever since… clung to it, maybe. But, it’s true. Without my stretch marks and baby belly, I wouldn’t have his amazing little belly. So I’m at peace with them. Kinda. Ok, not so much, anymore. Actually, I’m ready to stop using my pregnancy as an excuse for my excess body weight. Instead of using my little boy as a reason to not worry and feel bad about how I look, I’m ready to use him as a reason to become more fit. I want him to have a healthier mama… one who can have fun and keep up with him.

These thoughts are what spurred me to start looking around for some help and eventually find MedShape Weight Loss Clinic.

In all honesty, I’ve been ready to start getting healthier and lose a little weight since I stopped nursing, when my son was 1. That was more than a year ago. He’s 2+ now and though I’ve spent beau-coup bucks on a trainer in the last 6 months, my post pregnancy weight hasn’t budged. I am still about 20 lbs heavier than what is probably healthy. Sure, 20 lbs doesn’t sound too bad (unless you’re just under 5’2”, like me) but, it’s enough to make my knees hurt and endurance poor. It’s enough to make me look for educated help.

But where can someone find educated weight loss help that’s trustworthy? I don’t subscribe to trendy fad diets so I wanted real, medically supervised, results-driven help. Luckily, a friend of a friend had recently gone through the MedShape Weight Loss program at the clinic in Scottsdale and recommended it to me. (One of her guy friends had recommended it to her after going to the MedShape Weight Loss clinic in Peoria so I guess word-of-mouth is doing good things for their program.) After a few days of thinking it over, I scheduled my appointment and went in. It was such a cool, educational experience that I decided to start this blog about it. I am convinced this program is the right one for me and I want to track my progress. So…

Welcome to my new Medshape Weight Loss Blog! 🙂 It’s nice to meet you… I’m Susan. I hope you enjoy my progress blogs and pictures and find inspiration to start your own weight loss journey.

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