MedShape Weight Loss program

Cauliflower Rice is one of my new favorite things to make!

Wow, I’m so excited! Today was 1 week from my start on the MedShape Weight Loss program and I can’t believe that my weight is down 6.5 lbs. I guess it’s just kinda surreal to me because I thought that weight loss would be harder than the MedShape Weight Loss program is making it. I’m never hungry and since I’m eating real foods, they actually taste good. From what I understand, my weight loss will be higher in the 1st week than the rest but still… woot!

So, just a run down on what I’ve been doing… I divide my food into 4-6 meals/snacks a day.


    The most important meal of the day… don’t skip breakfast because it gets your metabolism up and running so you can burn weight! I’ll start my day with 2-4 eggs, scrambled or fried, depending on my mood. I will sautee onions, mushrooms, spinach, etc, in a pan for a few minutes and then add the eggs. Sometimes, I mix in some Canadian bacon. It’s delicious.

  • SNACK 1

    My snacks are simple and typically consist of a protein shake or some berries (strawberry, raspberry or blackberry), or both… depending on if I’m hungry. Luckily, the MedShape Weight Loss program has a lot of protein snacks to choose from.


    For a great lunch on the MedShape Weight Loss program, I’ll choose between a large variety of things. Example include… 2 cups of mixed spinach and greens salad with chicken or turkey on top. Fresh and Easy’s pre-cooked teriyake chicken with a cup of sauteed onions and mushrooms. An avocado, cucumber, and arugula salad with Girard’s Greek dressing (yum). I’ve also made tuna salad with celery, greens, and random chopped veggies. Be sure to watch your yellow listed veggie intake, though!

  • SNACK 2

    During the afternoons, I’m usually on the go so I’ll pack a small Ziplock baggie of sliced cucumbers, a few cherry tomatoes and some rotisserie chicken. Other options include one of the many MedShape Weight Loss protein drinks or protein bars, or leftover veggies that you have in the fridge. When I cook, I try to make extra so I’ll have things to throw in my snack baggies. By doing this, I ensure that I never get too hungry and go binge eating on something that’s not in line with the nutrition guidelines.


    Dinnertime at our house is a circus. My fiance always likes his fatty foods (natural six-pack, y’all… it’s totally unfair) but I prepare tasty healthy food for my 2-year old and myself. Examples dinners include beef adobo and cauliflower rice with side veggies, rotisserie chicken with a mixed greens salad or sausages with grilled zucchini.

  • SNACK 3

    Because my food is tracked so easily with the MyFitnessPal app, I use snack 3 to catch-up on anything I might be lacking in my daily intake. Crazily enough, I’m usually trying to eat more calories so I don’t slip under 1200 calories a day. If you eat less than 1200 calories a day, your body goes into starvation mode, which slows down weight loss… definitely something you don’t want! So… steamed broccoli dipped in ranch dressing (regular, not full fat – low fat is no good in many ways), a hard boiled egg, avocado or, if I’m in a sweet mood, a protein bar from the MedShape Weight Loss program. Lemme tell ya, the Caramel Chocolate Crunch is delicious. It tastes just like a candy bar!

So, I hope that helps you get an idea of a detailed average day while on the MedShape Weight Loss program. I know I’ve learned a lot and already realize this education will change my life long eating. My meals are delicious and after a bit of an attitude adjustment on my part, I’m actually enjoying the challenge of finding new things to eat. I wish you much success!

What are your favorite foods for healthy, low-carb eating? If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. 🙂




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