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How To Lose Face Fat With Simple Exercises

Firm Up Your Chubby Cheeks

Are you conscious about chubby cheeks? Excessive face fat can sometimes be an embarrassing problem. Want to know how to lose face fat? There are simple techniques you can do such as these effective facial exercises that will help slim down that face.

Lip Pulling

One of the most helpful facial workouts to lose face fat. Try to practice this exercise regularly to help lift the face muscles up and start looking young with a prominent jaw and lofted cheekbones.

  • Begin either standing or sitting straight.
  • Push the lower jaw out and try to raise the lower lip up to the extent you can lift.
  • Feel the stretch and strain in the chin and jaw line.
  • Stay in this posture for 10-15 seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat the process ten times a day.

Chin Lift

This facial exercise is useful to lose face fat and for treating double chin. It helps in stretching the muscles of throat, neck, and jaw. But you should only use your lips while performing the exercise.

  • Can be performed in both sitting and standing position
  • Tilt your head, look up towards the ceiling and keep your eyes towards it.
  • Now tighten your lips such that you are kissing the ceiling.
  • Stay in the position for 10 seconds; repeat the exercise 10 times a day.

Jaw Release

  • An effective method to get high cheekbones and beautiful jaw line, this exercise does the stretching of the muscles of cheeks, jaws, and lips.
  • Settle yourself in a straight position (sitting or standing will do)
  • Move the jaws as if chewing but keep the mouth closed.
  • Now take a deep breath and slowly take the breath out.
  • Then open the mouth wide such that the bottom teeth press your tongue.
  • Maintain this position for minimum 5 seconds then breathe in and breathe out.
  • Repeat the process for ten times.

Fish Like Face

This is probably the most efficient and easiest exercise for chubby cheeks. Whether you are watching television or listening to the songs, you can do it anywhere and anytime. This exercise makes the cheek muscles toned, and the fat of the face is reduced quickly.

  • Suck the lips and cheeks inside the mouth.
  • Now try to smile in this position and stay in the posture for 5 seconds.
  • Feel the warmth on the jaws and cheeks.
  • Repeat the exercise daily for ten times.

Air Blowing Exercise

This helps in the removal of fatty cheeks and reducing double chin. In this exercise, all the facial and neck muscles worked together to tone the muscles and provide lift to the face naturally.

  • Try to blow a balloon.
  • Free the balloon and blow it again.
  • Do this ten times in one set, and you can repeat three sets of blowing balloon exercise with 3-10 minute intervals for good results.

Stretching The Face Muscles

  • Lower your chin such that it starts touching your chest.
  • Pull your skin below the cheekbones as much as you can.
  • Now try to pronounce “Ah” and stay in static position for some time.
  • Repeat the procedure minimum three times in a day to lose face fat effectively.


The best exercise for any facial problem! We all know that smiling is great for our health and we don’t need any reason to smile. A smile stretches the muscle of your cheeks which naturally helps in losing the fat.

Facial Massage

A Regular massage can reduce a certain amount of the facial fats and it tighten the skin by enhancing the oxygen and blood circulation.

Help! How Do I Lose Face Fat?

The face is at highest risk to gain weight than any other part of the body. And an awful part is that it is basically impossible to hide uninvited face fat. Also losing the fat from the face is not an easy task. But a routine weight loss plan followed by some facial exercises can help you significantly lose face fat. It is the face that displays a considerable difference in the process of losing weight.

Facial fats develop from numerous reasons that comprise being overweight, soft facial muscles, ageing and genetics. Too much consumption of alcohol also leads to a plump face. Precisely it is not possible to lose weight from one single part of the body. You will have to work on the whole body to achieve a slimmer face.


Exercise is the most effective way to decrease fat on your face as it has a direct effect on your body than any other ways. Exercising raises blood flow that burns the unwelcome body fat through sweating. Running is one of the most powerful and easy ways of exercising. Running and cycling helps to reduce face fat and keeping the body fit. Close your eyes lightly and then look up and down for areas around your eyes. Do not hurry in any exercises. To lessen the fat on chin area extend chin and bottom lips out and upwards. Do this exercise at least ten times a day.

Food and Water Intake:

Firstly you need to decrease the quantity of sugar and salt ingestion. Both salt and sugar comprise high levels of sodium that leads to a more fat buildup. They keep gathering in our body and add to extra fat. Also avoid roadside foods as you don’t know the amount of sugar or salt is added to them.

Stop eating before going to bed. This is the most dangerous things you can do if you are trying to cut down fat. When we eat before sleeping, our body’s metabolism slows down and fails to work efficiently. This way, our body will not burn fat, and you will have to work harder the next day.

Water performs a vital role in losing weight from the face. A lot of us do not drink as much water as recommended. You should swallow at least 3 liters of water daily. Our body recollects water when we limit our drinking it. This will lead to water retention. Drinking lots of water will not only support for weight loss but will also make your skin attractive. You can add lime juice to add flavor.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol not only fattens up the body but also dehydrates it leading to water retention. It contains empty calories, particularly sugar. In case you are preparing to lose weight then strictly avoid alcohol

Quit Smoking:

Smoking ages your face more rapidly, which leads to extra sagging and wrinkles making your face look fatter than it presently is. By abandoning you will have a consistent supply of vitamin C which will make your skin flexible and that is the key factor in losing weight on your face.

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