It has been proven that exercise is basic to getting in shape and keeping up a solid weight, particularly when combined with adhering to a good diet habit. A calorie deficit leads to weight reduction, and exercise burn calories, yet individuals do not have the self-control expected to keep their calorie intake at a similar level, much less lower it. Maximize your calorie counts with these proven weight loss exercises:

Running: Running will help burns calories like no other exercise. After regular running sessions, there will be drastic changes in your body. The greatest part about running is that you do not need any equipment. People who want can use a treadmill.

Run fast for at least half an hour a day and halting only for 30 seconds to catch your breath. You will definitely lose 500 calories by the time you finish. The perspiration during this whole process also adds to your well-being.

Strength Training: Working out as you target different muscle groups brings definition. When performed with minimized breaks, strength training is another powerful form of exercise. You can work several muscle groups taking half an hour. Taking only 30-second break will make it more effective.

Body Weight Workouts: In this workout, you use your own body weight to provide resistance against gravity. Exercises like squats, lunges, planks and push-ups demand calories, burning them in the course.

Do the various body weight exercises with the same force for half an hour and it will improve your metabolism and burn 500 calories. Be disciplined about these exercises as they need to be regularly done.

Interval Training: Interval training is another method that burns calories like magic. When you switch high-intensity workout with a low-intensity workout, your body is set in motion by burning more calories. This exercise surprisingly keeps your metabolism high even after half an hour.

Swimming: Swimming incinerates calories effectively and builds your levels of stamina. People who have problems lifting weight due to bad knees and back can use this option. Swimming energetically for half an hour burns around 500 calories, providing you don’t rest much.

Other exercises that come close include:

• Rock climbing
• Jogging (6.5 mph)
• Interval sprints
• Racquetball
• Handball
• Bicycling (16-18 mph)
• Rowing
• Martial arts
• Cross country skiing

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