zumba for weight lossZumba is an aerobic dance style, with classes of fluctuating intensity lasting for about an hour to an hour and half. Most trainers start the session with warm-up training followed by Zumba dancing. Usually, salsa and hip hop music is played during the sessions. Mostly the dancing is done in dark rooms or rooms lit with disco or dim lights, as it helps people who feel shy dancing with others or who think they cannot dance.

How Zumba Helps With Weight Loss

Burns Calorie: Depending on the severity of a session, 300 – 600 calories can be burned per Zumba session. The number of calories that is burned too depends on the individual’s weight, muscle-to-fat ratio, body type, etc. Though it may not seem like an attractive value, it is one of the best ways to lose unhealthy weight in an exciting way. At times, the amount of calorie burning could even go above 800 calories per class.

User-friendly: Everyone likes to dance. And unlike what many people fear, Zumba steps are very easy to adapt and follow. The Latin beats can get anybody moving!

Complete Workout: Zumba is a completely different dance style as compared to others. The various types of moves include all major muscle sets of the body. From body toning to cardio and strength workout, Zumba has it all. Also, the interval training sessions make it more potent for weight loss.

Great for Heart: Zumba enhances your cardiovascular system as it is an aerobic style workout. When your heart is active, it’s a great advantage to your weight loss efforts.

Lose weight in style with Zumba!


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