A meal plan can help you lose weight as you know ahead of time what you should eat each day. Following a healthy meal plan will let you know how many calories you are having on a daily basis, getting you closer to your weight loss aim. Having an organized eating plan will prevent unwanted overeating and gorging unhealthy foods.

Make sure you have these foods included in your diet meal plan for a faster weight loss.


Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as it push-starts your metabolism, reduces satiety, and even prevents overeating later in the day. Include protein, fruits and whole grains in the morning meal. Lean protein choices comprise eggs, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter and even lean bacon. The consumption of whole grains in the morning is also important. Whole grains will keep you full longer because of their fiber content and will add essential nutrients to your meal.


Snacks should be consumed only twice a day. 5 to 6 small meals are recommended for a day. A snack should be balanced with carbohydrate, healthy fat, and protein. Healthy snacks will stop overeating at main meals. Cheese and ten whole grain crackers, veggies and hummus, peanut butter and apples, popcorn, two graham crackers and cottage cheese are healthy options.


Lunch should be consumed every day whether you pack it or eat out. Sandwich is a healthy choice when prepared the right way. Pick whole-grain bread and lean meat, like turkey. Stuff your sandwich with vegetables and swap the mayo with mustard. A portion of fruit and cottage cheese round off a healthy meal. Also, try making a salad for lunch packing it with chicken, greens, beans, cheese and nuts.


Dinner must be the smallest meal as you have very less amount of time to burn it off. A healthy serving of protein, fat and carbohydrates should be included in your evening meal. A serving of half cup rice, 1 cup cooked vegetables and 3 oz. Chicken is in balance with the suggested dietary amounts. Another option would be half cup pasta, 3 oz. Salmon and a small side salad.

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