Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots

Getting regular Vitamin B12 shots has been found to directly induce weight loss, speed up one’s metabolism, which in turn promote great weight loss. While not know as a “weight loss shot”, patients who have received Vitamin B12 shots have reported a major boost in energy they needed to motivate them to exercise more and conscientiously eat healthy.

Studies also show that Vitamin B12 shots also help fight depression, fatigue and stress, which are often associated with weight gain. Patients who have received these shots from our clinics in both Minnesota and Arizona have been quite satisfied with their new-found energy and rewarding weight loss as a result.  Our superior medical team administers the vitamin shot and explains to patients the benefits of receiving vitamin B12 injections.

Vitamin B12 shots are administered into the muscle for better absorption, and are usually given on a weekly basis and can be administered up to twice a week to really kick start a safe, effective weight loss program.  Aside from weight loss, some of our patients who have received Vitamin B12 shots have noticed improvement in their sleep patterns, more clarity in day to day hectic lifestyles, less hunger, reduced food cravings and a decrease in headaches.

Individual cost for vitamin B12 injections through MedShape Weight Loss are $10.  We offer the highest quality B12 injections to our patients to ensure maximum absorption.

Our team has recognized the benefits of vitamin B12 injections for several years now and has taken the injection to a new level by adding B Complex, B6 and B5 into the mix.  This has allowed us to treat each patient as an individual and cater to our patient’s exact needs when it comes to weight loss.  Some new benefits include Thyroid support, ease of water retention, suppression of the appetite, lowering cortisol levels which are created from stress, helping maintain lean mass and burning out body fat at an accelerated pace.

Vitamin B12 injections offer many positive benefits and definitely enhance any weight loss program.

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