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5 ways to control your appetite

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5 ways to control your appetite

You may eat a healthy meal at home but when you head out with your friends, you end up eating junk food. You tend to get hungry, and in no time you will be spotted at the local burger joint. Are you finding it difficult to have control over your eating habits or make sure that you do not overeat?
To lose weight, it is necessary that you start having control over your cravings and eating habits. Sticking to the right food, will help you stay fit. A lot of people will try different ways to get control over their appetite. Here, are some of the interesting approaches towards your diet plan that can help you change the game and eat clean.

Try to control your blood sugar
Adding Vinegar and Cinnamon to your meals can help to control blood sugar level. Vinegar and Cinnamon slow down the rate at which food passes from your stomach to your intestine. Therefore, this keeps you filled for long.
Eat when you are not hungry

You probably overeat when you get hungry. Instead of trying to hold hunger, beat it to the thrust. If you eat when you are either not hungry or only slightly hungry, you will eat less and tend to eat more slowly.

Drink water and cut down liquid calories
Liquid containing calories such as juices and sodas don’t fill you up, and their rapid digestion may cause insulin spikes. Try to drink at least three-quarters gallon of water a day. Also, be sure to drink a glass about 20 minutes before each meal to take the edge of your appetite.

Eat slowly
Chew your food slowly. Obeying this simple rule will make you eat more slowly, allowing your mind to catch up to your stomach. When you swallow food, there is a delay before you feel any satiation from it. This delay usually varies between 10-30 minutes. Due to this delay, we tend to eat more food than we need.
Have a small, flavorless snack between meals

Prefer eating a handful of unsalted almonds in between two meals. Doing this may reduce your appetite. This snacks will only work if it is tasteless. Always accompany your snacks with water for at least an hour before and after the snack.


Stephanie Smith founded MedShape Weight Loss Clinic in 2007 and brings over ten years experience in the medical field and weight loss to the company. Stephanie’s education in the healthcare industry and medical science is from Gustavis Adolphus, University of Minnesota and ASU. Stephanie holds degrees and areas of expertise Chemistry, Forensic Science as well as Forensic Pathology. Having a clear compassion to help others, Stephanie recognized the need to develop a sound program that can not only help the issues that our country faces with Obesity but also truly educate and change people’s lives with a protocol that will allow her patients to lose and KEEP weight off. She feels this is the best way to add quality and years of those who choose the MedShape way of weight loss. Stephanie is originally from Minnesota and relocated to Arizona nine years ago to continue her education in medical science.

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