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Ever wonder what the top reasons to lose weight are? Ever think about weight loss programs? Everyone has a reason for wanting to lose weight. No two people are the same and will ever have the same goals. After treating over 40,000 patients throughout the country and some form all over the world, Medshape Weight Loss Clinic has heard thousands of reasons. The compelling part of this article and writing on the reasons people want to lose weight has come to light over the fact that the most common are the least common we would imagine. Working at Medshape Weight Loss Clinic for almost 10 years now has opened my eyes to a whole new world and the thinking behind an average, every day patient who comes into Medshape Weight Loss Clinic looking for our help and medication to guide them in their rapid, safe weight loss journey. I would like to share these 5 top reasons that people want to lose weight, told to me over and over again by the men and women of Medshape Weight Loss Clinic. There are many top reasons to lose weight but these were the ones we heard most from our patients.

1. Lose weight to live longer to be around and see their children / grandchildren grow up. This has become such a commonly heard reason. Putting their health ahead of everything else for the sake of their family members. When someone says this to me, I feel I must do everything I can to ensure they succeed. It is not about them, it is about their families. Losing weight to be healthy has become the over common trend.

2. Lose weight to get off all medications. Again, a health trend. Many of our patients are on Diabetic, Cardiovascular, Thyroid and other medications that are supporting causes brought on by Obesity. Actually, with weight loss, these medical conditions can be reversed and time again, we have seen patients walk away at their goal weight and off the medications they have started with.

3. Lose weight to be more active and enjoy life better. Lets face it… Nobody I can think of chooses to be overweight. It affects so many areas in your life including everyday activities. Just stop and think about all of the areas in your life you may be missing out on. Biking trips, hiking trails, walking the dog, dancing, Yoga, the list goes on. When we up our activity level and carry extra weight, this can put quite a bit of stress and pressure on our joints. We can actually injure ourselves at this point by trying to increase our leisure activity levels. Just 10 pounds of weight loss is equal to 1,000 pounds per square inch on our joints. That is pretty significant.

4. Lose weight to find a better job. This one really throws me for how often I hear it. Lets face it… When you get ready to market yourself to move into a new industry or better position, it is not just you that will be interviewing for this position. Unfortunately, not everyone understands Obesity and the issues we have to go through on a daily basis. They do not get that maybe a medication we were on made us gain weight, possibly we are a cancer survivor, maybe we lost a love one and our emotions turned to food for a short time. the bottom line is when some one has a job available, the potential employer wants to make sure that they can be to work everyday, they are not going to be lazy, they are efficient. I know this sounds harsh but this is the bottom line. In return, I wish this was different. Competition can be hard when it comes to a good position. I have actually found in the last almost 10 years, hiring people who either are patients or people who want to lose weight have made the best employees. Their positions have been very motivating and gratifying to themselves and our patients. I feel this should be embraced.

5. Losing weight to reinvent themselves. Whether it has been a divorce or some other life changing event, this gives people the desire and push to commit making changes and actually developing a new person out of it. It has been so fun watching Medshape patients completely redo themselves and find true happiness from within.

There is nothing more gratifying than helping a Medshape Weight Loss patient lose weight for whatever their personal reason may be. This is truly the very best part of my part of my job. Helping people our patients become happier, healthier, prosperous and true losers!

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Stephanie, CEO
Medshape Weight Loss Clinic


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