If you are struggling to lose weight a long time and still are not able to accomplish it, then you are definitely going wrong somewhere and guilty of committing some of these biggest weight loss mistakes. Here are the answers to all your problems and the unsolved puzzles in your head regarding your weight loss plans.

You’re Not Scheduling Ahead – When hunger attacks and you are not prepared, that is when  unhealthy choices are made.

What You Can Do: Planning your meal ahead and making a list will help in ignoring unhealthy foodstuffs. If you already have the list of necessary vegetables and salads, you can get the stock beforehand. And when you are hungry, just pick any of the stuff which is already there on the list and eat.

You Like To Keep It To Yourself – Let your family and friends know and understand that you are trying to lose weight. This will help you to refuse directly any junk food, and also you can work out with them. Everyone’s support will ease up the process and will help you a lot.

What You Can Do: Stop and think about what you really want in terms of support. Make a list of the optimum ways your family could lend you a hand. Be very clear about the kind of changes you are making and foods you can and cannot have.

You Compensate Eating With Exercise – If you think that because you exercise in the morning so you can eat a whole pizza in the evening will balance it the next morning, you are very wrong. Compensating the unhealthy food and exercises is not going to help you lose weight. Rather you will gain extra weight since the fats in the body are not going to decrease.

What You Can Do: You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet, but you can eat your way to a fitter and healthier body. Support your exercise with proper diet.

You Don’t Keep Track  – It is essential to keep track of each and every calorie that you intake, and it should be a habit. If you count your calories just on few days and are unaware of the other days, your weight loss desires will remain as desired only. Note every calorie must be monitored and balance it with your plan.

What You Can Do: There is no need to track calorie intake all the time. Do it for a few days or weeks from time to time to get a clear picture of what you are eating. By this, you will know exactly where to make adjustments in order to get closer to your weight loss goals.

Having Cheat Days – You work out for the whole week with complete dedication and proper healthy weight loss diet. And as a reward, eat a lot on the weekend for your devotion is going to ruin everything. Dropping extra weight is not a one day job, and it has to be followed sincerely for a very long time so no cheat days and stick to the plan.

What You Can Do: Next time you feel like reaching for food, do a quick self-check and ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Remember, your diet will only work if you work on it.

If you are making any of these mistakes in your weight loss plan, please stop it. Start living healthy!

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