It Starts with Being Accountable

So you’ve decided it time to shed some of those unwanted pounds and looking for some tips on being successful in your weight loss effort. First, congratulations are in order. You’re on your way to much happier and healthier you. But maybe you’ve attempted this before with only modest success.  First, the most important thing you can do before starting any weight loss programs is consult with a medical professional. Why? Your diet may not be the only contributing factor to your weight gain and understanding the underlining causes will improve your chances of reaching your goal. Next, choose a program with a track record of long-term success. The mathematics behind most weight loss diets are fairly simple, reduce your caloric intake and eventually you’ll start losing weight. While conceptually this is true, it’s also a very unhealthy way to drop the pounds. Not only that, this method virtually insures you’ll be gain the weight back quickly. Why? This method of weight loss triggers your body’s defense systems and tells it to start storing fat. So while you might lose weight during the “diet” period, your body will start storing fat once you increase your intake of food. And gaining fat is counter-productive to losing weight. We want just the opposite, we want to replace fat with lean, muscle mass and that’s what our program is designed to do. Remember, fad diets are typically unsafe, unhealthy and usually only result in short-term weight loss followed by rapid weight gain.

We at MedShape Weight Loss Clinics take a much different approach to weight loss. First, our clients eat, they don’t starve themselves. Instead of starvation methods, we teach you how change your lifestyle and eat differently. Our clients are not hungry, in fact many of them state they have a hard time reaching our recommended caloric intake. Why? Because now they are eating high-protein, healthy food that also happens to be quite tasty.

But a change in diet alone will not help you achieve your goals as true, healthy weight loss depends on a number of different factors, one of which is accountability. You need to hold yourself accountable to any program for it to be successful. This is not only true in weight loss, but all aspects of your life. We recognize this and provide you with a number of different tools all of which are designed to help you become accountable to yourself and the program. Remember old habits can be hard to curb, going it alone can be a recipe for disaster.

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