Gifting someone a weight loss program for the holidays might seem like an unusual gift, and you’d be right. After all, a nice pair of socks and fruit cake is certainty a “safer” and more traditional holiday gift, but is it really helping the person you love long-term? Um, not really. So why are people so afraid to give someone the gift of healthy living? We all know when, it’s because they’re afraid to insult them and think the gift maybe indirectly telling a person they are overweight, or “fat”. People give gym memberships all the time as gifts, but for some reason gifting “weight loss” is frowned upon. But the reality is when you give the gift of a healthy lifestyle you’re actually giving he person you love:

  1. A longer, more enjoyable life
  2. Increased Happiness
  3. A higher self-esteem which can lead to more friends, more adventures and possibly a job promotion. ( who wouldn’t want that?)
  4. A positive outlook on life
  5. A more active lifestyle

Now think about the list above for a second. If you could give just one of these things to a person you love, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Everybody wants these and by giving the gift of weight loss you are giving someone ALL of these things, and more. So how do you give life altering gift without offending the person you love?

First, weight loss is a gift that’s best given in a private setting, preferably one-on-one. Gifting weight loss in public might put unwanted pressure on the person receiving it. Your gift is promoting a healthy lifestyle, stress and pressure are not part of that. Next, try to remember signs or conversations you’ve had with this individual that signals they are ready for a lifestyle change. Did they have to quit playing with the kids because they couldn’t catch their breath? Did they get a negative report card back from the doctor regarding their blood pressure, weight or cholesterol levels? Are you noticing they aren’t doing the things they used to enjoy because of weight or self-esteem issue? If so, this individual is the perfect candidate for a weight loss gift. Sometimes even the strongest individuals need help getting started on the path to healthy living, wouldn’t you like to be the person that helped them get started?

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