If your goals for 2015 includes losing weight, it’s about time to get started on your weight loss journey. But how do you even do that? How do you choose a weight loss clinic, decide on a type of weight loss program and figure out what you need to do to be successful? The process can be overwhelming, but you can take advantage of these useful tips to help you through almost every part of the journey.

Choose the right way to lose weight: This means one size DOES NOT fit all. This is not the fist time you have thought about or even tried to lose weight. Think about what worked for you in the past. Why it is not working for you anymore, how has your body changed? What is it exactly that has made you fail before? There are no two people who gain weight and have a difficult time losing weight for the same reason. It is important to dig down deep and find the underlying condition to what is halting your weight loss and what cause you to gain weight. This will fall into three different categories:

1. Medically induced weight gain: Different medications will cause you to gain weight and make it nearly impossible to lose it. Medications such as the DEPO shot, birth control, steroidal anti inflammatories, antidepressants are just to name a few. Are you on any of these? If so, talk to your primary care Physician about the possibility of trying something different.

This also includes different medical conditions. Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid Disorder, Post Pregnancy, Hormonal Imbalance.

2. The most common medical condition that our patients have are weight gain caused by Hypothyroidism or slow working thyroid functions. Your Thyroid is a major factor in controlling your metabolism. When the Thyroid slows down, weight can pile on and be difficult to move. When starting any weight loss program, metabolic support is a must. There has to be a need to support your metabolism and recover a fat burning state. Diabetes and weight gain is also more prevalent today. We are programmed to eat a vast of refined carbs and sugars due to our busy lifestyles and out of convenience. Our bodies take in to much sugar and not enough protein. This is the path to Type 2 Diabetes. If you have a parent, grand parent or sibling with Type 2 diabetes, be careful, you are in a higher percentage rate of carrying the gene. Hormonal weight gain is just about expected to happen in all females. After the age of 35, female hormones start shifting which brings on body fat. Hormone regulation is the key in this area to have a successful weight loss.

3. Emotional eating: When do you eat? What are your “Food Triggers”? How do you feel when you have something that is not healthy? This is a great list of questions to ask yourself when starting a weight loss program. The main reasons individuals connect food with emotions are boredom, stress, depression, celebration, gratification, anxiety and the list goes on. Food Triggers can be reversed but first the triggers have to be recognized. This goes back to the underlying condition. It is a process, nit a quick fix.

When starting a weight loss program, it is best to NOT do it on your own. You will get your weight off much faster with constant motivation and accountability to someone. Research a weight loss clinic that has a proven success record, does not use fad diets, can fully recognize your underlying condition to your weight gain, can properly treat you with your own customized weight loss program, will be aggressive in getting your weight off, keeps you accountable to your specific weight loss goals, pushes you to have consistent visits to the clinic for support, will celebrate your goals as you reach them and most importantly will share their knowledge and education with you so you don’t gain your weight back. There is no magic tool in weight loss or keeping your weight off. This is reprogramming your body and your habits. It is a new year and time to start that new journey to a better, confident, healthier YOU.

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic has spent 8 years in perfecting their weight loss program. We understand that all of our patients have different needs to be successful. Get involved in a program like MedShape Wight Loss Clinic today. MedShape Weight Loss Clinics are located throughout Arizona and Minnesota with new locations opening soon. MedShape Weight Loss Clinic also offers a National Weight Loss Program for our patients who do not live in these states.

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