What the bathroom scale doesn't tell you.Have you ever hopped up on the bathroom scale only to be disappointed with the results? One day you’re up, the next day you’re down. The emotional roller coaster the bathroom scale can put you on is not only devastating, it’s counterproductive to your weight loss efforts. The team at MedShape Weight Loss understand this and STRONGLY recommend all of our clients throw away the scale and use our new state of the art BodyComp 5000 Body Composition Device. Unlike a traditional scale, the BodyComp 5000 gives you a TRUE understanding of the changes going on in your body. These non-obtrusive, revolutionary devices can be found at all of our clinics can help you in many different ways, but most importantly they help you understand your BODY COMPOSITION and TRACK YOUR BODY FAT AND LEAN MUSCLE MASS.

So you might ask “What’s wrong with just watching my weight?” In the simplest terms, monitoring weight is deceiving.

Remember your goal is lose fat while gaining lean muscle mass. When you say you want to lose weight, you actually want to lose body fat and gain lean muscle. Since we all know muscle mass weighs more than fat, naturally you’re going to see fluctuations in your weight as your work to achieve your goal. Unlike most “diet” programs, the MedShape Programs CHANGES YOUR BODY COMPOSITION! Will you lose weight? Of course you will! But our method of rapid weight loss drops the pounds and works with your body to keep weight OFF! A recent study of over 35 individuals who used a traditional “diet” plan to lose weight showed that almost all of them gained their weight back ( and in a lot of cases, put on more weight) within 3-5 years. What good is that? This is your health we’re talking about! This is not what our program does and it’s NOT what we promote. We promote rapid, healthy, sustainable weight loss. And what’s fantastic about our program is you still lose the weight as quick, if not quicker when compared to fad diets or other weight loss programs.

So you see, the scale is deceptive. Our team recommend using the BodyComp 5000 to get a complete understanding of the changes going on within your body. Yes, as you go through our program you’ll actually track body fat changing into lean muscle mass, it’s quite incredible and our clients rave about the results.

I personally have experienced these results myself as I was working on my weight loss. I had just started the MedShape Weight Loss Program and was experience some very positive results. Against my own better judgment I started stepping on the scale at night before I went to bed. One night I noticed I had put on a couple of pounds. Needless to say I was devastated! I had been losing weight at a pretty rapid pace over the past couple of weeks and BAM, I was hit with this. Needless to say that night’s sleep was pretty restless. The next morning my weight had returned to what it was before (yes, body weight fluctuates, yet another reason to stay away from the scale) and I decided to jump on the BodyComp 5000 to see what was really going on (credit jordan). The results put a HUGE smile on my face, my body fat was dropping and I was gaining the lean muscle mass I wanted. This news motivated me even more! Of course, I lost the weight I wanted and I’ve kept it off. I believe so strongly in the program that I applied for a job with MedShape and now I get to help and counsel other people as they start their weight loss journey.

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