Weight loss is a lifestyle! If you wish to lose those extra pounds, you have to put in some extra efforts in your routine to bring about the expected change. We are not telling you to adopt the food deprivation diet or go on a high intensity workout; start with small steps towards your big goal:

1. Keep a food log: By keeping a tab on how much you have eaten, you can practice portion control. The next time you decide to consume some extra calories, your log will remind you – stop, you just ate 40 minutes back!

2. Wise food substitutions: No, no, you don’t have to stop eating food altogether. Know what is healthier for you, choose the low fat-low calorie food over the unhealthy ones. For instance, fruits are healthy and serve as a quick snack. So, forget the fast foods joints.

3. One mile rule: Make all trips that within 1 mile radius on foot. Walk till the supermarket, or even ride a bicycle. But, refrain yourself from driving a car if your errands are less than 1 mile away.

4. Pedometer app: Pedometer is no more an add-on accessory. Install a pedometer app in your mobile phone, so you can always track the number of steps you walked and the amount of calories you burnt.

5. Skip juice, eat the whole fruit: Eating whole fruits gives you more heart-healthy fiber than juices. Also, you will stay satisfied and full for long, thereby, avoiding unnecessary calorie intakes in your diet.

6. Sleep in early: Research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to speedy weight gain. On the other hand, you tuck in early to bed and have a sound sleep, you might be able to see weight loss within a week.

See, losing weight does not have to be that hard. It costs you only teeny tiny efforts.

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