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Harvard University Doctor Advocates A One Meal A Day Diet That Can Work

Warning! This Extreme Diet Approach May Not Suit Everyone Would you eat just one meal a day? A Harvard and Oxford University-educated doctor stresses the weight loss benefits and convenience of this [...]

2017-11-10T05:16:19-07:000 Comments

This New Weight Loss Food Is Sweeping The Showbiz World But Far From Appealing

It's been dubbed a 'gastric band in a glass' - but the latest weight loss food sweeping the showbiz world is far from appetizing. The Amorphophallus konjac - or Devil's Tongue - has [...]

2017-10-18T01:45:07-07:000 Comments

Health Benefits of Coffee Include Increased Lifespan, New Study Shows

Coffee and Tea Can Extend A Diabetic Woman's Lifespan The wonders and health benefits of coffee are varied. Your morning cup has been thought to lower risks of certain diseases like Parkinson’s [...]

2017-11-23T18:20:51-07:000 Comments