Woot! I’ve Lost 6.5 lbs in My 1st Week with MedShape Weight Loss Program

MedShape Weight Loss program

Cauliflower Rice is one of my new favorite things to make!

Wow, I’m so excited! Today was 1 week from my start on the MedShape Weight Loss program and I can’t believe that my weight is down 6.5 lbs. I guess it’s just kinda surreal to me because I thought that weight loss would be harder than the MedShape Weight Loss program is making it. I’m never hungry and since I’m eating real foods, they actually taste good. From what I understand, my weight loss will be higher in the 1st week than the rest but still… woot!

So, just a run down on what I’ve been doing… I divide my food into 4-6 meals/snacks a day.


    The most important meal of the day… don’t skip breakfast because it gets your metabolism up and running so you can burn weight! I’ll start my day with 2-4 eggs, scrambled or fried, depending on my mood. I will sautee onions, mushrooms, spinach, etc, in a pan for a few minutes and then add the eggs. Sometimes, I mix in some Canadian bacon. It’s delicious.

  • SNACK 1

    My snacks are simple and typically consist of a protein shake or some berries (strawberry, raspberry or blackberry), or both… depending on if I’m hungry. Luckily, the MedShape Weight Loss program has a lot of protein snacks to choose from.


    For a great lunch on the MedShape Weight Loss program, I’ll choose between a large variety of things. Example include… 2 cups of mixed spinach and greens salad with chicken or turkey on top. Fresh and Easy’s pre-cooked teriyake chicken with a cup of sauteed onions and mushrooms. An avocado, cucumber, and arugula salad with Girard’s Greek dressing (yum). I’ve also made tuna salad with celery, greens, and random chopped veggies. Be sure to watch your yellow listed veggie intake, though!

  • SNACK 2

    During the afternoons, I’m usually on the go so I’ll pack a small Ziplock baggie of sliced cucumbers, a few cherry tomatoes and some rotisserie chicken. Other options include one of the many MedShape Weight Loss protein drinks or protein bars, or leftover veggies that you have in the fridge. When I cook, I try to make extra so I’ll have things to throw in my snack baggies. By doing this, I ensure that I never get too hungry and go binge eating on something that’s not in line with the nutrition guidelines.


    Dinnertime at our house is a circus. My fiance always likes his fatty foods (natural six-pack, y’all… it’s totally unfair) but I prepare tasty healthy food for my 2-year old and myself. Examples dinners include beef adobo and cauliflower rice with side veggies, rotisserie chicken with a mixed greens salad or sausages with grilled zucchini.

  • SNACK 3

    Because my food is tracked so easily with the MyFitnessPal app, I use snack 3 to catch-up on anything I might be lacking in my daily intake. Crazily enough, I’m usually trying to eat more calories so I don’t slip under 1200 calories a day. If you eat less than 1200 calories a day, your body goes into starvation mode, which slows down weight loss… definitely something you don’t want! So… steamed broccoli dipped in ranch dressing (regular, not full fat – low fat is no good in many ways), a hard boiled egg, avocado or, if I’m in a sweet mood, a protein bar from the MedShape Weight Loss program. Lemme tell ya, the Caramel Chocolate Crunch is delicious. It tastes just like a candy bar!

So, I hope that helps you get an idea of a detailed average day while on the MedShape Weight Loss program. I know I’ve learned a lot and already realize this education will change my life long eating. My meals are delicious and after a bit of an attitude adjustment on my part, I’m actually enjoying the challenge of finding new things to eat. I wish you much success!

What are your favorite foods for healthy, low-carb eating? If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. 🙂




Weight Loss Nutrition is My Biggest Challenge

Weight Loss Nutrition meal

My 2-year old and me, enjoying lunch together. This would be an ideal meal for my current weight loss nutrition plan!

This has been a good week. Making the decision to go to the MedShape Weight Loss and take the 1st steps towards a ‘healthier me’ has drastically improved my mood and opinion of myself. I know there will be countless challenges but I am ready to take them on. I’m tired of only posting the ‘good’ pictures… you know, the ones that I look less fat in. :-/ My biggest concern is with weight loss nutrition… that’s my personal challenge. I’ve tried before but have a hard time figuring out how to change my eating habits and successfully implement the changes.

There are so many different weight loss nutrition ideas out there… low fat, low calorie, high fat, high protein, etc… which one should I choose?! The low fat and low calorie seem to involve a bunch of chemically enhanced ingredients. Booh. The high fat… just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Fortunately, when I went through the initial consult at MedShape Weight Loss, my consultant laid out nutrition goals that were easy to understand. Their guidelines were developed using solid medical research, but are also commonsensical. Thank goodness.

So let me go back to the beginning. I’ll start to walk you through my experience.

After talking to friends about their success on the program and how much they liked their weight loss nutrition plan, I set-up a free consultation (immediately, so I couldn’t make excuses and put it off longer). Then, I proceeded to pig out on all my favorite bad foods for a few days (haha) to get ready to take the plunge. I think I feared feeling deprived so, much like a squirrel, I was preparing for the long haul. By the time the day came for my appointment, I was grossed out on unhealthy eating. haha Anyway, I arrived a few minutes early, was greeted with a warm smile and was still seen almost immediately. (That’s a nice change from most doctors’ offices.)

My consultant, Brittany, took me back to a room and had me start filling out basic medical history paperwork while she got me some water. When she returned, we talked a bit so that she, and the rest of the MedShape Weight Loss staff, would know how to best help me. It quickly became apparent that weight loss nutrition was my biggest concern so when we began to go over the MedShape Weight Loss nutrition guidelines in detail. After a brief explanation of the way the body burns fat and muscle, Brittany started in on the food recommendation. She gave me a moderate amount of paperwork, which broke down my daily recommended intake for weight loss nutrition. It featured 4 color coded columns that clearly tell you about recommended proteins, veggies and fruits. The foods in the green charts are allowed in unlimited quantities. The yellow charts allow up to 4 servings, the red chart allows 2 servings, and the blue protein charts recommend 4-6 servings. That’s it. It’s that simple. You can even eat up to 2000 calories if you want!

Now I understand why my friend said she doesn’t get hungry on this program. Still, I’m pretty motivated right now so I’m going to use MyFitnessPal to monitor my food intake and limit it to 1200 calories. Wish me luck!

Somewhere in the appointment, we took my current weight and height. I kinda wish they’d have offered to take a ‘before’ pic to put in my file but that wasn’t part of their routine (so I took my own at home). We also talked about their product line, which features protein shakes, drinks, bars, cereals, supplements, and more. I expected there to be more of a sales pitch here but there wasn’t. In fact, I was told that I could be successful without the products but that they were there if I wanted the convenience, variety, or extra boost. Because I am super motivated and want all 3 of those things, I ended up getting a variety of protein drinks and bars, which I’m sure I’ll blog about in the near future, as I try them.

I feel lucky to the MedShape Weight Loss staff helping me with my goals. I need the structure of their weight loss nutrition guidelines as well as support and accountability!

We’ll see how it goes…

MedShape Weight Loss for Post Pregnancy Goals

Medshape Weight Loss

This is me, Susan D, expecting my first child.

“Without my belly, I wouldn’t have his belly.” What a great quote. I heard it (ok, I saw it on Pinterest), when my son was a newborn. I have embraced that idea ever since… clung to it, maybe. But, it’s true. Without my stretch marks and baby belly, I wouldn’t have his amazing little belly. So I’m at peace with them. Kinda. Ok, not so much, anymore. Actually, I’m ready to stop using my pregnancy as an excuse for my excess body weight. Instead of using my little boy as a reason to not worry and feel bad about how I look, I’m ready to use him as a reason to become more fit. I want him to have a healthier mama… one who can have fun and keep up with him.

These thoughts are what spurred me to start looking around for some help and eventually find MedShape Weight Loss Clinic.

In all honesty, I’ve been ready to start getting healthier and lose a little weight since I stopped nursing, when my son was 1. That was more than a year ago. He’s 2+ now and though I’ve spent beau-coup bucks on a trainer in the last 6 months, my post pregnancy weight hasn’t budged. I am still about 20 lbs heavier than what is probably healthy. Sure, 20 lbs doesn’t sound too bad (unless you’re just under 5’2”, like me) but, it’s enough to make my knees hurt and endurance poor. It’s enough to make me look for educated help.

But where can someone find educated weight loss help that’s trustworthy? I don’t subscribe to trendy fad diets so I wanted real, medically supervised, results-driven help. Luckily, a friend of a friend had recently gone through the MedShape Weight Loss program at the clinic in Scottsdale and recommended it to me. (One of her guy friends had recommended it to her after going to the MedShape Weight Loss clinic in Peoria so I guess word-of-mouth is doing good things for their program.) After a few days of thinking it over, I scheduled my appointment and went in. It was such a cool, educational experience that I decided to start this blog about it. I am convinced this program is the right one for me and I want to track my progress. So…

Welcome to my new Medshape Weight Loss Blog! 🙂 It’s nice to meet you… I’m Susan. I hope you enjoy my progress blogs and pictures and find inspiration to start your own weight loss journey.

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