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Are You Guilty Of Committing These Weight Loss Mistakes?

If you are struggling to lose weight a long time and still are not able to accomplish it, then you are definitely going wrong somewhere and guilty of committing some of these biggest weight loss mistakes. Here are the answers to all your problems and the unsolved puzzles in your head regarding your weight loss plans.

You’re Not Scheduling Ahead – When hunger attacks and you are not prepared, that is when  unhealthy choices are made.

What You Can Do: Planning your meal ahead and making a list will help in ignoring unhealthy foodstuffs. If you already have the list of necessary vegetables and salads, you can get the stock beforehand. And when you are hungry, just pick any of the stuff which is already there on the list and eat.

You Like To Keep It To Yourself – Let your family and friends know and understand that you are trying to lose weight. This will help you to refuse directly any junk food, and also you can work out with them. Everyone’s support will ease up the process and will help you a lot.

What You Can Do: Stop and think about what you really want in terms of support. Make a list of the optimum ways your family could lend you a hand. Be very clear about the kind of changes you are making and foods you can and cannot have.

You Compensate Eating With Exercise – If you think that because you exercise in the morning so you can eat a whole pizza in the evening will balance it the next morning, you are very wrong. Compensating the unhealthy food and exercises is not going to help you lose weight. Rather you will gain extra weight since the fats in the body are not going to decrease.

What You Can Do: You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet, but you can eat your way to a fitter and healthier body. Support your exercise with proper diet.

You Don’t Keep Track  – It is essential to keep track of each and every calorie that you intake, and it should be a habit. If you count your calories just on few days and are unaware of the other days, your weight loss desires will remain as desired only. Note every calorie must be monitored and balance it with your plan.

What You Can Do: There is no need to track calorie intake all the time. Do it for a few days or weeks from time to time to get a clear picture of what you are eating. By this, you will know exactly where to make adjustments in order to get closer to your weight loss goals.

Having Cheat Days – You work out for the whole week with complete dedication and proper healthy weight loss diet. And as a reward, eat a lot on the weekend for your devotion is going to ruin everything. Dropping extra weight is not a one day job, and it has to be followed sincerely for a very long time so no cheat days and stick to the plan.

What You Can Do: Next time you feel like reaching for food, do a quick self-check and ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Remember, your diet will only work if you work on it.

If you are making any of these mistakes in your weight loss plan, please stop it. Start living healthy!

4 Benefits Of Fish Oil For Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the top most priority for many people. The reasons we gain weight depends on various factors like heredity, health problems, unhealthy lifestyle causing stress and overeating without physical activities and many other factors. For losing weight, you have to eat right and exercise too! However, you can boost your weight loss plan by adding some supplements. This is one of the many benefits of fish oil.

Fish oil is one of the supplements that can help in losing weight. It has been used progressively to accomplish weight loss needs. If you plan to add fish oil to your weight loss plan then first you have to understand the way it works. The benefits of fish oil for weight loss are as follows:

  1. Loss of Appetite: Sometimes we get the habit of overeating unknowingly. The brain needs just 20 minutes for realizing if it’s filled or no. Hence, if you are eating very fast or overeating, the chances are that your brain does not get time to process whether the stomach is full or no. This is where fish oil helps a lot; it releases serotonin, the happy hormone. Serotonin regulates your food consumption and your mood. With this, you will eat less and stop overeating.
  2. Loss of Fat and Increase in Muscle-Building: One of the main reasons behind the weight loss assets of fish oil is its capability to support fat loss by muscle build up. Building of muscles needs calories that can be simply derived from fat. Thus, you lose fat and ultimately lose weight.
  3. Minimizes Fat Storage: Fish oil supports your body to handle insulin sensitivity in a better way. If your cells are extra sensitive to insulin, there is reduced chance that they will store fat. Thus, augmented insulin sensitivity is a nice thing. Fish oil supports you to attain just that.
  4. Controls Sugar Cravings: Sugar is one of the major suppliers for gaining weight. Greater sugar consumption will lead to greater weight gain. Fish oil controls sugar cravings, and you can gradually avoid late night munching too.


Please consult your doctor before using any supplements. Fish oil may suppress your immune system by decreasing inflammation and lead to bleeding. Also, there is a chance that the chemicals in fish oil and your medicine may react if you are using blood thinners. Be smart and stay safe.

6 Low-Calorie Cocktails That Are Best For Weight Loss

Be it an office party, family gathering, dinner with friends or New Year’s Eve bashes, the holidays are always filled with boozy temptations. Now you can pick your favorite low-calorie cocktails without feeling guilty or being conscious about your weight.

You don’t have to be conscious about your health, and at the same time can enjoy your favorite cocktail right before you with our list of cocktails. It is easier to have fun at the party with many options of low-calorie cocktails. Sip less than 200-calorie drink options that are mentioned below: (more…)

Help! How Do I Lose Face Fat?

The face is at highest risk to gain weight than any other part of the body. And an awful part is that it is basically impossible to hide uninvited face fat. Also losing the fat from the face is not an easy task. But a routine weight loss plan followed by some facial exercises can help you significantly lose face fat. It is the face that displays a considerable difference in the process of losing weight.

Facial fats develop from numerous reasons that comprise being overweight, soft facial muscles, ageing and genetics. Too much consumption of alcohol also leads to a plump face. Precisely it is not possible to lose weight from one single part of the body. You will have to work on the whole body to achieve a slimmer face.


Exercise is the most effective way to decrease fat on your face as it has a direct effect on your body than any other ways. Exercising raises blood flow that burns the unwelcome body fat through sweating. Running is one of the most powerful and easy ways of exercising. Running and cycling helps to reduce face fat and keeping the body fit. Close your eyes lightly and then look up and down for areas around your eyes. Do not hurry in any exercises. To lessen the fat on chin area extend chin and bottom lips out and upwards. Do this exercise at least ten times a day.

Food and Water Intake:

Firstly you need to decrease the quantity of sugar and salt ingestion. Both salt and sugar comprise high levels of sodium that leads to a more fat buildup. They keep gathering in our body and add to extra fat. Also avoid roadside foods as you don’t know the amount of sugar or salt is added to them.

Stop eating before going to bed. This is the most dangerous things you can do if you are trying to cut down fat. When we eat before sleeping, our body’s metabolism slows down and fails to work efficiently. This way, our body will not burn fat, and you will have to work harder the next day.

Water performs a vital role in losing weight from the face. A lot of us do not drink as much water as recommended. You should swallow at least 3 liters of water daily. Our body recollects water when we limit our drinking it. This will lead to water retention. Drinking lots of water will not only support for weight loss but will also make your skin attractive. You can add lime juice to add flavor.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol not only fattens up the body but also dehydrates it leading to water retention. It contains empty calories, particularly sugar. In case you are preparing to lose weight then strictly avoid alcohol

Quit Smoking:

Smoking ages your face more rapidly, which leads to extra sagging and wrinkles making your face look fatter than it presently is. By abandoning you will have a consistent supply of vitamin C which will make your skin flexible and that is the key factor in losing weight on your face.

Weight Loss Massage

Your Perfect Ally To A Disciplined Diet and Exercise Routine

Studies show that massage can have a positive effect on your muscle-building capabilities and fitness levels, which in turn increases your capacity to control or lose weight. Healthy strong muscles burn calories and give you the freedom to participate in all sorts of sports and activities that can help you burn excess calories and improve your overall fitness and well being.  Weight Loss Massage is a lot easier than any tiring exercise and the painful workouts.

The 3 Most Effective Massage To Help Lose Weight

weight loss massageAromatherapy Massage

It is a special type of massage for losing weight that decreases your craving to overeat. For this purpose, the massage uses special kind of oils. Extracts of fruits, flowers, seeds and leaves are some of the basic elements used for this massage. People who have experienced this massage claimed that they can sleep better and that their muscle pain goes after this delightful massage. It makes you feel relaxed and released from all the stress and anxiety. Also, it gives your body a lot of energy as you begin your diet and workouts.


weight loss massageLymphatic Massage

This massage will help enhance your metabolism. Augmenting the immunity power, it will support in getting rid of all the toxins. You will feel stress-free and relaxed after the massage. Indulging in unhealthy food and overeating will be eliminated from your life. When you get this massage done on a regular basis, you will observe that there is a drastic change in your eating habits. Sports players have used this massage to heal their injuries. In case you are going through any injury, do this massage and you can resume your workout routine sooner.


weight loss massageAbdominal Massage

The abdominal massage will clear all the toxins from your body. It will improve your metabolism and make your digestive system work smoother. With this massage, your calorie intake will reduce, and you will lead a healthy and active life. This massage is known to make you feel less lethargic. It will charge up your body and help you push yourself during workouts. Always remember to breathe deeply while taking this massage. You may get it done twice a day for best results.

While massage therapy or treatment does not replace the standards of diet and exercise for losing weight, its addition to your weight loss program will greatly help you shed pounds.

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