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Why Is It So Hard To Stick To A Diet?

How To Stay On A Diet

We are emotionally driven beings. Emotions are the main reasons we do anything at all. The desire to feel “happy” is why we get out of bed each morning. At the same time, emotions can keep you in bed, because you’re “feeling” depressed. Feelings and emotions… So, we can safely say that your “feelings” are making/keeping you overweight more than likely. First thing we need to do is recognize that our feelings make too many decisions for us, including what we eat and second to unpack the emotional baggage, re-organize our thoughts, and throw the bad stuff away. Better yet, separate our emotions from our actions all together. Example: You know that eating that bowl of ice cream at 9 o’clock at night is bad, but you’ve had a bad day and you “feel”. (more…)

Insulin and Weight gain

How Can Insulin Cause Weight Gain?

Doctors know that prescribing insulin may affect your appetite and cravings. In addition, a potential side effect of insulin is that it can cause hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose levels. Defensive eating, or eating to make sure you don’t experience this low blood sugar, could also contribute to extra pounds.

What Can I Do to Avoid Weight Gain?

It’s a tough situation to be in: The medication you take to help control your diabetes—insulin—could lead to weight gain. At the same time, being overweight increases your risk for complications when you have diabetes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep extra pounds at bay and aid your glucose control.


Workout Foods To Help Improve Your Workout Regime

Is It Workout Time? 

workout foodsWorkout foods or Power foods, as the name suggests, gives you the power and energy to do more. They are those foods which you should be eating more of, whenever you eat your meals or even have a snack to refuel. There many power foods that can help boost your energy levels. In this article, we will mention a few of those workout foods that will particularly help you improve your workout regime.

1. Apple: Apples are juicy, crunchy and a perfect health snack to be had after a rigorous workout session. Not only does this fruit boost metabolism, it also helps you get the energy and strength to perform better each day you exercise. Thus, you can increase the time you exercise and improve your endurance.

2. Ginger: Ginger is known for its medical value and is the most common ingredient used in many traditional medicines. This herb contains a lot of vital chemicals that help in the rejuvenation and repair of muscles in the body. They also lessen muscle pain. Have at least half a teaspoon of this ground herb every day after your workout for better muscle pain reduction.

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3. Raisins: Want to further improve your workout endurance levels? Then have some dried fruit like raisins. Consuming raisins as a snack before you commence your workout will give you the energy you need to keep going. No matter what exercises you do, munch a couple of raisins before you start and then proceed.

4. Tomato Juice: Fresh tomato juice also works well in keeping you energized, whenever you decide take your bike out for a ride. Tomatoes contain a natural antioxidant which helps prevent tissue damage. The water contain in the juice will also keep you well hydrated and energetic enough during the entire workout session.

These were just a few of those workout improving power foods which we have had the pleasure of sharing with you. You can even add beetroots, green leafy veggies and yogurt to this list to have a more fantastic workout every day.

4 Signs A Diet Won’t Work

When Do You Know Your Diet Plan Won’t Work For You?

Can’t stop those extra pounds? Just following any weight loss plan blindly is not going to help you in losing weight. It is essential to know whether a particular diet plan is or is not working for you and is apt for your body type. All weight loss plans have different effects on diverse body types. You have to make sure that the plan that you are following has the best effects on you.

Here are 4 signs a diet won’t work—ff you encounter these signs, you must make some alterations to your diet plan.

Same Food Everyday

If you keep having the same dishes every day even if it’s healthy, you will get bored and irritated. If a diet restricts you to have the same things every day you are bound to leave the weight loss regime sooner. Know your food and mix it up in the right way.

Only Liquid Food

As it is mentioned in many plans about weight loss that having juices and smoothies that are healthy will speed up the process. It’s true, but having only juices and smoothies and other liquids is also not right. It will not satisfy your hunger and will also affect the metabolism of your body. Balance your diets with an appropriate amount of liquids.

It Doesn’t Mesh With Your Lifestyle

Whenever choosing a diet plan, always consider a meal that does not require a lot of preparation. Also, if your diet restricts you from having food outside with family and friends, it will not work. Your diet program should blend with your way of life. The food should be nutritious but not restricting you from going out and having it.

It Forces You To Eat Food That You Don’t Like

You will be willing to have a balanced diet only if you mix it in your own way to make it delicious. A healthy diet does not mean to have something boring or stuff that you do not like. A perfect mix of some healthy food and other ingredients to spice it up will help you in losing weight without keeping you hungry.

4 Signs You Need More Protein

Adequate Protein In Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

A high protein diet can do your body a lot of good. Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. They are made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller units called amino acids, which are attached to one another in long chains. There are actually 20 various types of amino acids that can be combined to make a protein.

So why is protein diet so important to lose weight? Because our body needs it. A high protein intake can boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones. When we replace carbs and fat with protein, we reduce the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones which eventually leads to a major reduction in hunger and is the main reason protein helps you lose weight.

However, many of us eat much below our daily needs of protein. Aiming for protein at 30% of calories seems to be very effective for weight loss according to studies. How do you know if you are getting the right amount of protein?

Here are some signs that it’s time to add protein to your diet.

  1. You crave high sugar foods – One of the main reasons for eating sufficient balanced diet is to keep your blood sugar stable. Having adequate protein in meals help in balancing levels of blood sugar by preventing insulin spikes. If you constantly need sweet stuff, it is because you are not consuming enough. If you feel less energetic and need something to charge you up, try eating a high protein snack like eggs, a bowl of nuts, etc. rather than a cake or chocolate bar.

  2. You are always hungry – Meats, eggs, shakes and so forth are extremely satiating. They will keep you satisfied for much longer than a high carb or high-fat meal. If you are starving even after your healthy salad lunch, you are definitely missing the key ingredient. Add some extra protein to your diet like a piece of chicken, egg or a piece of fish.

  3. You feel weak – Protein is very important for building muscle. And if you don’t get sufficient amount of it, your muscles might begin to shrink over time. The lack of it can lead to extra weakness, and the person will not be able to perform like before. Protein contains acids that the body needs to create serotonin (the happy hormone) that promotes a relaxed and calm feeling.

  4. You are more prone to injury – Lack of protein after workout or gym can cause tiredness and slow recovery. People who work out regularly and do not consume enough amount of protein are at higher risk of injury. The ideal amount of protein that should be taken post workout is 20-25 grams.

If you are really looking at losing weight and getting lean fast, try the newest and fastest weight loss program “BeLean” by MedShape. An exclusive 3-Step program designed to help you lose weight faster and safely while maintaining your weight loss results over time. It lets you get the benefit of all of the nutrients your body needs to cause the right environment for a positive fat burning thermogenic mix without any stimulants.

Sugar In Diet: How Much Should You Eat?

Reducing The Amount of Sugar In Diet Can Free Up Your Body With Excess Kilos

sugar in dietIf you are under the impression that you have to completely eliminate sugar in diet when trying to lose some weight, then you are wrong. Foods that are healthy like fruits and vegetables also contain sugar. All you have to do is to understand the exact amount of sugar intake that satisfies your cravings and does not affect your weight loss plan too.

When you consume sugar in different forms, it is very important to know the perfect combination to have it. Instead of eliminating it completely, you can use the following steps and live healthily.

  • Eat Sugar With Protein, Fiber and Other Healthy Fats – When you balance your sugar intake with protein, fiber, etc. they slow down the absorption of sugar in your blood, which reduces the spike in your blood sugar. This will keep you full, and you will not feel hungry for another half an hour at least.

  • Choose Natural Sugars Rather Than Added Ones – It is always good to choose foods that contain natural sugar than the added ones. The foods that contain natural sugar also comprise a lot of nutrients like proteins and fiber. A fruit may contain a lot of sugar but as a whole the other nutrients balance the sugar, and it is a healthy choice.

  • Load Up On Cinnamon – A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food determined that eating cinnamon on any kind of food, including the one that contains sugar, support in lowering the amount of sugar in your blood stream after you have not eaten anything for a while. Consume some cinnamon in any form after you eat any sweets or sugary snacks.


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