4 Benefits Of Fish Oil For Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the top most priority for many people. The reasons we gain weight depends on various factors like heredity, health problems, unhealthy lifestyle causing stress and overeating without physical activities and many other factors. For losing weight, you have to eat right and exercise too! However, you can boost your weight loss plan by adding some supplements. This is one of the many benefits of fish oil.

Fish oil is one of the supplements that can help in losing weight. It has been used progressively to accomplish weight loss needs. If you plan to add fish oil to your weight loss plan then first you have to understand the way it works. The benefits of fish oil for weight loss are as follows:

  1. Loss of Appetite: Sometimes we get the habit of overeating unknowingly. The brain needs just 20 minutes for realizing if it’s filled or no. Hence, if you are eating very fast or overeating, the chances are that your brain does not get time to process whether the stomach is full or no. This is where fish oil helps a lot; it releases serotonin, the happy hormone. Serotonin regulates your food consumption and your mood. With this, you will eat less and stop overeating.
  2. Loss of Fat and Increase in Muscle-Building: One of the main reasons behind the weight loss assets of fish oil is its capability to support fat loss by muscle build up. Building of muscles needs calories that can be simply derived from fat. Thus, you lose fat and ultimately lose weight.
  3. Minimizes Fat Storage: Fish oil supports your body to handle insulin sensitivity in a better way. If your cells are extra sensitive to insulin, there is reduced chance that they will store fat. Thus, augmented insulin sensitivity is a nice thing. Fish oil supports you to attain just that.
  4. Controls Sugar Cravings: Sugar is one of the major suppliers for gaining weight. Greater sugar consumption will lead to greater weight gain. Fish oil controls sugar cravings, and you can gradually avoid late night munching too.


Please consult your doctor before using any supplements. Fish oil may suppress your immune system by decreasing inflammation and lead to bleeding. Also, there is a chance that the chemicals in fish oil and your medicine may react if you are using blood thinners. Be smart and stay safe.