What’s The Best Protein Powder For You?

Buying a protein powder can be overwhelming, considering how many options are out there. Make it easier with these must-follow pointers.

Protein powder shopping can be stressful. Walk into any health food store and you’ll be met with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with jugs of protein powder in plenty of flavors and described in terms you probably don’t know. Once you know the protein basics, though, it’s really quite simple to choose. William Suggs, a personal trainer in New York City and a licensed sports nutritionist, shares his tips on how to find the best protein powder for you. (more…)

4 Signs You Need More Protein

Adequate Protein In Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

A high protein diet can do your body a lot of good. Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. They are made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller units called amino acids, which are attached to one another in long chains. There are actually 20 various types of amino acids that can be combined to make a protein.

So why is protein diet so important to lose weight? Because our body needs it. A high protein intake can boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones. When we replace carbs and fat with protein, we reduce the hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones which eventually leads to a major reduction in hunger and is the main reason protein helps you lose weight.

However, many of us eat much below our daily needs of protein. Aiming for protein at 30% of calories seems to be very effective for weight loss according to studies. How do you know if you are getting the right amount of protein?

Here are some signs that it’s time to add protein to your diet.

  1. You crave high sugar foods – One of the main reasons for eating sufficient balanced diet is to keep your blood sugar stable. Having adequate protein in meals help in balancing levels of blood sugar by preventing insulin spikes. If you constantly need sweet stuff, it is because you are not consuming enough. If you feel less energetic and need something to charge you up, try eating a high protein snack like eggs, a bowl of nuts, etc. rather than a cake or chocolate bar.

  2. You are always hungry – Meats, eggs, shakes and so forth are extremely satiating. They will keep you satisfied for much longer than a high carb or high-fat meal. If you are starving even after your healthy salad lunch, you are definitely missing the key ingredient. Add some extra protein to your diet like a piece of chicken, egg or a piece of fish.

  3. You feel weak – Protein is very important for building muscle. And if you don’t get sufficient amount of it, your muscles might begin to shrink over time. The lack of it can lead to extra weakness, and the person will not be able to perform like before. Protein contains acids that the body needs to create serotonin (the happy hormone) that promotes a relaxed and calm feeling.

  4. You are more prone to injury – Lack of protein after workout or gym can cause tiredness and slow recovery. People who work out regularly and do not consume enough amount of protein are at higher risk of injury. The ideal amount of protein that should be taken post workout is 20-25 grams.

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5 Ways To Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Lose Weight Fast With These Simple Tips

With warmer weather and summer around the corner, we all are thinking about weight loss, losing weight. Why? To look good, be happy with our bodies, fit in to our Bikinis, even wear shorts. All of us have a different reason right now why we want to lose our weight. We thought it would be a great idea to share some tips and tricks that can accelerate weight loss. We personally know and aware that there are is so much advice everywhere you can turn to about losing weight. As a successful weight loss clinic for the last ten years, we have seen a number of true and real avenues that really can accelerate weight loss. Here is what we want to share with you:

  • EAT THROUGHOUT THE DAY: It is proven that our bodies work like a furnace. We must fuel it with food in order for it to burn. What this means is to lose more weight faster, we have to eat on a regular basis. Look at your metabolism as a tool that needs to be fed to stay active. When we do not eat on a regular basis, our metabolism falls. It does this to hold on tho the fuel for later reserve. Your metabolism is like a grid. It goes up and down. To keep your metabolism up, you need to feed it.
  • DRINK WATER: It is a true fact that the more water you drink, the better your weight loss results will be. Water will make you full. Drink at least 60 ounces of water per day. Not only will it cause a better weight loss, it will help you lose water weight. When we do not get enough water, our bodies will hold extra water to ensure it has enough water supply for reserve in the future. Another benefit to drinking enough water is that it will help detoxify the body.
  • ADD A LEMON WEDGE TO YOUR WATER: Lemon is a great diuretic. So many of us who do not drink enough water end up holding water weight. This will add extra pounds on your body. When this happens weight loss results turn out to be not what you want. How can we help our bodies shed the water weight Add a natural diuretic to your water. A lemon wedge will help balance your water weight.
  • MORE PROTEIN IN YOUR DIET: Adding protein to your diet will help build a barrier around your lean mass (muscle). The more muscle you can protect, the more body fat you will lose. Try to add protein to every meal. It is good to take in at least 80 grams of protein per day. This is a definite wt o really speed up your weight loss.
  • GET MOVING: Start moving. That is right. Make a small goal every week on a weight loss routine that you realistically stick to. Something easy such as going for a walk three times per week or making a gym routine twice a week. As time goes by, you can up your goal by a little at a time.

There are so many little things that can make a big difference in how fast you lose your weight. Keep your eye on the surprise and before you know it, you will be on your way to accelerating your weight loss.

Dieting Tips For Women


Women who are looking into healthy weight loss are often hit by unexpected challenges.  Whether you’ve just set new weight loss goals or have been trying to lose weight for many seasons, here are some great dieting tips for women!

1) Keep Healthy Treats on Hand for Sudden Hunger

If you’re a lovely, curvy woman who is looking to drop a little healthy weight, you will need to do some advance planning and know important dieting tips for women!  Have your shelves and refrigerator stocked with healthy food options, and be sure to avoid high carb fruits and veggies, like bananas, corn, exotic fruits, and carrots.

Go one step further by picking 2 days of the week to prepare your healthy treats in advance.

On Sunday and Wednesday, I hit the grocery store to stock up on my fresh veggies, meat, etc.  Then I prepare all of my basics so they’re ready to go.  Examples of steps I take to combat sudden hunger include:

  • Boiling a Dozen Eggs for quick and filling protein blasts
  • Grilling up Chicken and other meats
  • Pre-cutting veggies and keeping them in to-go bags
  • Pre-measuring my fruit portions for sweet snacks
  • Making cucumber or mint infused water

Keeping healthy treats on hand for sudden hunger is one of the most important dieting tips for women!

2) Include Protein in Every Snack

Protein is an essential part of healthy weight loss and is often undervalued or over looked.   Not only does it keep your hunger at bay for longer than other filler foods will, it also protects your muscle mass and leads to FAT LOSS, not just weight loss.  Spread protein into 4-6 servings a day and your body will be primed for fat burning!

Not all protein is created equal though.  Keep in mind that unprocessed animal proteins will burn slower in the body, keeping you full longer and leading to healthier, faster weight loss.

Including protein in every snack is one of the most important dieting tips for women!

3) Avoid Liquid Carbs and Artificial Sweeteners

Beware of carbohydrates in drinks like milk, juice, teas, protein shakes, and other ‘healthy drinks’.  Check labels!

Some may find giving up high carb drinks to be an especially difficult challenge but it’s an essential part of healthy weight loss.  How many times have you been told to drink more water while dieting?  A lot, I bet.  The advice doesn’t stop there, though.  You also need to cut most artificial sweeteners out of your diet as they interact with your body in a way that inhibits weight loss!  Yes, artificial sweeteners, especially the ones in carbonated beverages (and especially aspartamine), will SLOW DOWN your weight loss!!!  Kick em to the curb!  The only artificial sweetener I occasionally use is LIQUID Stevia.

Avoiding liquid carbs and artificial sweeteners is one of the most important dieting tips for women!

diet tips for women4) Change Your Eating Habits

Social eating, eating 3 big meals a day and stress eating are major players in weight gain that need to be addressed when you are trying to lose weight.  To restructure your eating habits, consider these ideas:

  • Go bowling or do other activities with friends instead of planning a dinner.
  • Eat 4 small protein packed meals, drink a protein shake and have a low-carb protein bar instead of eating 3 big meals
  • Focus on your favorite hobbies for stress relief instead of eating your troubles away.  Don’t keep your go-to comfort foods in the house.  When stress hits, grab your favorite protein shake and find your hobby.

Changing your eating habits is one of the most important dieting tips for women!

5) Surround Yourself with Support and Be Ready to Commit

When you make a serious commitment to weight loss, there are a few things you need to think about.  After you’ve decided that you are truly ready to commit, take a look at your social circle.  Are they going to be supportive of your weight loss goals or more likely to drag you into temptation?  If you are surrounded by unhealthy friends, consider looking for other forms of support.  You can surround yourself with people who are support by joining weight loss forums, joining a medically supervised weight loss program or simply having serious talks with your existing friends and family.  If you’re ready and committed to some hard work, surrounding yourself with support is one of the most important dieting tips for women!

Now that you’re armed with 5 of the most important dieting tips for women, get started on a healthier you today!

If you have any other great dieting tips for women, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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