4 Healthy Food Swaps for Losing Weight

Proper nutrition is essential for a high quality of life and an overall sense of well being. Many Americans, however, struggle with knowing what foods are healthy to eat, and what foods are best consumed in very small doses, and so levels of obesity and weight-related disorders and diseases continue to rise.

If you’re looking to improve your nutritive intake, but aren’t yet ready to make huge changes, start with small ones.

Lighten up your mayo.

Replacing your regular mayonnaise for a lower-fat form can save major calories. Light mayonnaise decreases calories per tablespoon to 35 or so, and entire fat to between 3 and 4 grams per serving. Low-fat or reduced-fat variations usually lower the fat and calories to 15 and around 1 gram, respectively.
Moving from 90 calories per tablespoon to 15 is a substantial reduction, and when it comes to losing weight over the long period, these are the kinds of changes that truly enhance the progress.

Substitute your sour cream topping with Greek yogurt.

Usual toppings for baked potatoes are margarine, butter or sour cream, but you can save some calories and fat by trying non-fat Greek yogurt on your potato instead. And, Greek yogurt has the same thick and creamy consistency of sour cream.

Two tablespoons of nonfat Greek yogurt has no fat and only 24 calories. Whereas sour cream comprises of 50 calories, and 5 grams of fat and butter contains 200 calories with 23 grams of fat.

Refresh your salads with lime juice.

Think about replacing any salad stuffing for fresh lime juice, with completely no fat, and calories that you can count on one hand. Relishing and fresh lime juice will give you a burst of flavor, and balances the garden vegetables of your salad without wrecking your healthy intentions.

Go for baked chips and salsa rather than fried chips and dip.

Switching on baked chips will help you cut off your calories and fat significantly. You can save 20 to 30 calories per ounce, and 3 to 5 grams of fat by substituting to the baked ones. Choosing salsa as your favorite dip, you can lose 80 percent of the calories.