4 Ways To Keep Alcohol From Ruining Your Diet

Can You Still Drink Alcohol On A Diet?

alcohol for weight lossDrinking alcohol but on a diet? There are many people who have complaints that they have too many cocktails in the gathering every weekend followed by alcohol-induced overeating. This affects their entire healthy eating efforts throughout the week. And instead of losing weight they are just stuck to the weight loss plan. A survey in found that 40% of women consume about 1,000 calories in alcohol only in a single evening out on the town. Also, more than half say that drinking makes them hungrier, and most admit that drinking weakens their willpower, making them indulge in foods like pizza, chips and burger. Try the following tips in case you’re experiencing this problem.

Eat before you drink

Alcohol is absorbed quickly when your stomach is empty. It means that you will see the reaction within minutes. But when you eat something rich in lean protein or food containing good fat, which are equally digestive and absorbed slowly, forms a buffer. So to limit your tipsiness, bite something like a small portion of nuts, or guacamole with veggies before you take your first drink.

Slow your pace

One of the main culprits in alcohol-driven overeating is getting very high, too fast. To lower the rise in your blood alcohol level, always have plenty of water with every drink you have. Having water with every alternate sip will be beneficial. This simple approach will cut your total ingestion in half.
Stop mindless munching

If you’re at a pub with happy hour apps, or the one that gives up goodies, like nuts or popcorn, turn your back on the free cost, or place them out of an arm’s reach. Research has found that you’ll senselessly munch if food is exactly in front of you, without even knowing it, and even if you aren’t starving. And if it’s out of sight, you are less likely to have it.

Pre-plan your post-drink meal

Alcohol can really act as an appetite stimulant. And we all know it lowers embarrassments. Hence, if you don’t want to start eating things, you wouldn’t touch if you were sober, form a pre-drinking strategy. Stack something in your bag, like an all-natural energy bar so that you won’t take an oily slice of pizza. Or find out restaurants that serve healthy food so that you can opt it in while making the plan. Finally, cleverly place some light snacks within eyesight at home, like pre-popped organic popcorn or cut fruit and fresh veggies and place it in the fridge.