MedShape Energy Booster

With today’s busy lifestyle, who couldn’t use more energy?

ENER-G-ENHANCE Energy Booster supports the body’s ability to produce high levels of sustained lean mass in addition to supporting a sense of overall well being and energy during your weight loss effort.

Poor diet and nutrition are often behind hormonal imbalance and the resulting lack of energy. This is especially true of women who are yo-yo dieters or follow low-fat, high-carb eating plans. These women often suffer from Insulin Resistance, which disrupts their bodies’ glucose/energy metabolism. They get a burst of energy from high-carb foods, but quickly wilt, and need to start the whole cycle again.

Of course, with the enormous demands most of us experience daily, even a pretty good diet can’t supply the nutrients our stressed-out bodies need.

Active people looking for added endurance and increased energy, alertness, focus, improved mood, and enhanced immunity will find it all in this natural and safe herbal energy pill to boost physical and mental performance. Ener-G-Enhance provides a powerful boost of energy, mood elevation and general health enhancement without the unwanted side effects found with most stimulants. Its ingredients actually increase energy, enhance immune function, improve cellular function, and fortify the body without jolting your system with high doses of caffeine and synephrine like other supplements. It is a healthy boost to body, mind and spirit, and is a powerful stress reducer. We guarantee you’ll love it and your body will thank you.

The unique ENER-G-ENHANCE effect:

  • Increased energy boost in correct balance with your body
  • Superior mental clarity and sharpness of focus
  • Enhanced stamina and performance
  • Sense of health and well-being
  • Waves of pleasure, raised disposition
  • Feelings of confidence & optimism;  Supports adrenal function (most important)

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