About Dr Jim Sheehan

Dr Jim Sheehan has been with MedShape Weight Loss Clinics since 2007. During this time, he's had the privilege of working with thousands of MedShape, clients from all walks of life, ranging from professional athletes looking to enhance their performance to seriously ill individuals for whom weight loss was a life & death issue. Sheehan received his medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and his undergraduate education at Iowa State University, where he was also a member of the swimming team. He feels his experience in competing as a Division I level athlete spurred what has become a life long passion for studying and applying nutrition as a means to improve overall health and performance. He still enjoys swimming and coaches youth swimming. Other interests include experimenting with nutritional strategies and exploring a wide range of physical activities. Sheehan believes the nutrition & lifestyle changes that are at the core of the MedShape program are some of the most powerful tools available to the medical profession. After six years he is still continuously amazed by the dramatic level of improvements MedShape clients report in their health & quality of life.

Simeons HCG Diet Leads To Changes In Body Composition & Health – A Case Report

Given the recent popularity of the Simeons hCG diet, it is likely that thousands of individuals have experienced changes in body composition and health as a result of following the [...]

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