I Managed to Lose 2 Sizes in a Month!

Things have been going pretty well for me!  Since joining up with MedShape Weight Loss Clinic, a medically supervised weight loss clinic in Arizona, I’ve managed to lose 2 sizes and am almost at the 1st tier of my weight loss goal…in only about a month!  And there are many people who joined around the program same time that I did who have lost more… it all depends on your initial weight loss goal.  I thought it was great to lose 2 sizes but, from what I understand, the more you have to lose, the faster it comes off.

 lose 2 sizes

What are your weight loss goals? I’ve already managed to lose 2 sizes!

Sure, I’ve had a couple of ups and downs but, I think that’s natural.  I travel a lot, which makes it a bit harder but, the great staff at MedShape has been able to keep me motivated and on track.  They reassure me that many people struggle with weight loss, so I’m not alone.  At my last weigh in, I was down 12lbs and feeling great.  And it’s so exciting that I’ve managed to lose 2 pants sizes in a month!  I am happy that my clothes are fitting more comfortably and I can wear shorts that haven’t fit me well for a long time!

When I signed onto the MedShape program, my consultants ask me what my goals were.  I replied that it’d be nice to lose 15, great to lose 20 and amazing to lose 25.  Now, I’m so close to my 1st tier of goal, it really motivates me to keep pushing forward.

Motivation and support are so important, whether your goal is to lose 2 sizes, 10 sizes or more.  Every time I check-in with MedShape, I get some time with a consultant who takes a look at my progress, answers any questions I may have and just generally guides me along the way.  During my last check-in, I met Chelsea… she was great.  She was excited that I was able to lose 2 sizes and gave me some great tips to fine tune my diet and nutrition.  She also reminded me that 4 evenly spaced proteins throughout your day are vital.  It’s preferred that these proteins come in the form of an animal protein that is not processed (chicken, beef, etc) as they take longer to breakdown in the body, so they work much better for healthy ‘fat loss’ instead of just weight loss.  Good to know!  Thanks, Chelsea!

So, who wants to lose 2 sizes in only a month?  Or more?  Talk to the super staff at any of the MedShape medically supervised weight loss clinics in AZ.

Are you on the program?  Have you managed to lose 2 sizes or more?  Share your stories!