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Counting Calories To Lose Weight

counting caloriesThe idea of counting calories to lose weight depends on a pound of fat being equivalent to 3,500 calories, so that cutting 500-calorie a day implies you ought to lose around one pound in seven days.

That is not generally true, however.

Many weight loss plans restrain day by day calories to 1,200, however this may not be the magic number for everybody. It could be too low for an exceptionally active man or too high for an inactive lady to net a pound-a-week loss.

To decide the correct calorie cap for you, it helps to get an idea of the number of calories you are currently eating. That is your benchmark number. Many individuals think little of the amount they eat every day, and dieters tend to belittle this much more.

To discover your baseline number, keep a food journal for a week, recording the calories in all that you eat and drink. This will likewise make you more mindful of exactly the amount you’re taking in. Figure your daily average to get your baseline number.

For a quicker estimate, utilize an online “daily calorie needs” calculator. You’ll write in your age, sex, height, weight and activity level, and the site will do the calculations. You can likewise see how many calories you’ll be able to eat once you achieve your optimal weight. To begin your diet, cut 500 calories a day from your standard.

As you lose weight, you’ll need to progressively decrease calories to continue losing at the same rate because your baseline number gets somewhat smaller with each pound lost.

More information

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has more on calculating calories.

*This article was originally published on HealthDay

4 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Here are some easy weight loss tips. Of course there are more and we hear about them daily. It is sensibly said that there is no gain without pain. The weight loss plan is easy to desire, but it takes a lot of effort to make it happen. If you are in constant search of an effective plan, this one is surely going to work. Follow these simple steps and see the change in your weight.

Appointment To Exercise

Make an appointment diary and write down your daily schedule on a weekly basis. This way you will know which slot will be free for exercising. You can alter the timings, but at least you can keep an hour’s slot for exercising every day. Once you have written it, stick to it.

Don’t Count Calories

That is right. Stop counting calories. Start concentrating more on eating 4-6 times per day. Make sure every meal or snack will include some sort of protein intake. More important than calorie counting is eliminating or cutting back on your carb and sugars. This will make a world of difference in your cravings as well as your body fat.

Protein For Breakfast

A healthy start will set a positive tone for the whole day. Having a good protein source for breakfast will surely kick start your metabolism to get burning for the rest of the day. It is an easy thing and makes a big difference to the whole plan. Make sure you have protein every morning. Some ideas is a good protein shake, eggs, meat.

Start A Food Diary

There is nothing stronger that can stare you in the face than looking at what you have eaten for the day. This is reality. It is so important to pay very close attention to your Food Diary. Only then can you realistically see what you are missing in your daily food intake. Another way to look at it, see what you have eaten to much of or what you need to take out of your daily eating routine. Make sure to include how you are feeling and your water intake.

These easy weight loss tips may not always be as easy to stick to, but it will work in your goal to lose weight eventually. Stay fit and healthy!

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