Lose up  t0 30 Pounds in 40 Days with hCG 

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic offers our hCG Weight Loss Program to people who are looking to lose weight through out the country. Our patients are able to lose weight and enjoy the same benefits as if you have a MedShape clinic right next door.

You can take advantage of our short time special and utilize our hCG Weight Loss Program for 6 weeks at the price of JUST $295!

Now is your chance to partake in a weight loss program that really works. MedShape has treated over 40,000 patients in 16 years with our signature weight loss program. No more starving yourself, restricting yourself to to only 500 calories a day, and giving up all of your favorite foods. Our Medical Grade hCG comes directly from our partner Pharmacy which is 503B certified.

Our staff has spent years developing the newest and most innovative ways in losing weight. We offer the best hands on solutions to losing weight so everyone can participate in our great weight loss programs. No matter where you live!


Medshape Weight Loss Clinic
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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Don’t be fooled by an outdated diet that only allows you to eat 500 calories a day. MedShape Weight Loss Clinic’s patients have been eating between 900-1500 calories a day on hCG and losing 24-35 pounds every 6 weeks. Our professional Medical staff has taken the guess work out of what you can eat and not eat and lose weight while using hCG injections. Furthermore, you are never alone in your weight loss journey. MedShape’s staff of Counselors, Nurses, Physicians and Medical Assistants are here to help you every step of your journey.

National Weight Loss Program

All of our National Programs include:

  • 36 Days of hCG Injections

  • Telemedicine Visit

  • 6 LipoTropic Fat Burner Shots

  • MedShape’s Specific Nutrition Plan

  • Recipe Book of over 100 Recipes tailored to our Nutrition Plan

  • 6 Phone Weigh In Appointments

  • Full Support from MedShape’s Staff and Medical Team

  • MedShape Signature Weight Loss Workbook

  • MedShape Food Diary

Lets Get Started!

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  2. Call our main clinic directly at 480-413-9000 to have all your questions answered

We will get started on your way to losing weight!

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