Welcome to MedShape Weight Loss Clinic. On this page you will find information and instructions which will better prepare you for a successful and enjoyable experience with MedShape Weight Loss Clinic.

To schedule your appointment online, please follow the link below. We will contact you if there is an issue with your appointment time and day which you have chosen.

Please note… Our clinic hours in Arizona are as follows:

Tuesday – Thursday: 9 am – 6pm

Friday: 9 am – 4 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm

Our last appointment of the day will be 15 minutes prior to closing time.

First off, please print and fill out these two forms. You will have to bring these with you on the day of your first appointment.

MUI informed consentMUI Medical Intake.      MUIConsent

Here is a list of questions we are asked after someone purchases a Groupon.

  1. What is included in my program?

You will receive one 15 minute consultation which happens at your first meeting with MedShape. A Counselor will talk with you, go over this information and determine a goal you are looking to achieve. The Counselor will realistically let you know what type of weight loss you can expect over the next couple to several weeks.

You will receive weekly weigh in sessions. This will happen on a weekly basis and is our basic weigh in. This session will consist of five – ten minutes each. MedShape’s Premium weigh in sessions are 15 minutes to one half hour and the upgrade cost to these are $20 per session.

You will receive one BodyComp 5000 reading. You are able to do this at the beginning of your program or two weeks into your program. Additional readings will cost 2 for $29.

Weekly injection of MedShape’s Metabolic Uplift Injections, which contain a mix of blended Amino Acids, minerals, vitamins, and thermogenics which assist in weight loss.  The injection is administered by a medical professional in the Glut area. B12 injections are administered in the upper arm.

Along with the Metabolic Uplift Injections, you will receive a customized nutrition plan. This plan has been customized to best fit the Metabolic Uplift Injections to ensure you receive the nutrition and accurate amount of all food groups while going through this program. This is an essential way to cause a good weight loss environment to happen.

A weekly Signature MedShape Supplement.

(B12 only does not include supplements or nutrition plan. B12 is excellent for added energy, better digestion, better clarity, detoxifying, assist in losing weight faster)

2. What do MedShape’s Metabolic Uplift Injections do for you?

They will help your digestive system work better, they will provide you Thyroid Support, they will help with water retention. Also they provide the vitamins and minerals which taking orally our bodies do not digest very well. This will give you great energy and in return boost your metabolism. You Weill notice great detoxifying effects which help in accelerating weight loss, a much reduced amount of hunger and cravings. Also thermogenics to wake u the fat cell and burn body fat.

3. Do I have to buy anything else?

No, everything is included in the package you have purchased.

4. How often do I come into the clinic for my weigh in and injection?

The average amount of times visiting a clinic location is once per week. We heavily recommend this in order to achieve optimal weight loss results.

5. Do I have to fill out a diet Log?

No, we only require patients who are on our SLIM Now Therapy and BeLean Program to fill out daily Diet Logs.

6. How much time do my appointments take?

Your Consultation appointment will be your first appointment with us. This appointment will take approximately 15 minutes. Future weekly weigh in appointments should only take 5-10 minutes.

7. Will the staff trouble shoot with me and counsel me to lose weight faster?

No, you are given a nutrition plan to follow. MedShape expects our patients on all of our weight loss programs to follow the specific nutrition plan which they receive. It is vital that BOTH the medication is taken and the nutrition plan is followed 100% in order to achieve optimal wight loss. If you are not losing weight, you simply are not being compliant. We offer other programs that have counseling involved.

8. What if I want or need a higher program?

We will discuss all of the questions you may have at the time of your consultation. There are great affordable options for our patients who take advantage of our Groupon specials. This includes deep discounts on higher programs. The first thing to concentrate on is getting you started… we can look at all options as you go through your weight loss journey.