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Reasons Why Stress Can Lead To Weight Gain

High Stress Levels Can Make you Sick

Learning to thrive on stress and high Cortisol levels isn’t easy. Being much More than just a problem of metabolism and food intake. Recent studies show that stress and weight gain are linked together and cause a negative response that can lead to increased fat storage.

Stressful situations affect our overall health in many ways. Unfortunately none of them affect our well-being on a positive level. Many Medical health specialists claim, as normal human experience would confirm, that stress and depression can have negative effects on our physical health. Furthermore, in the long run, people under high stress can develop eating disorders and sleep disturbances. These serious  health conditions could also lead to decreased physical energy, chronic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

Physical illnesses are almost always present whenever we  are under high stressful conditions. Even  our body’s internal processes respond to these conditions we face. During stressful situations, the adrenal glands inside the body release a substance called “Cortisol”. Cortisol is a natural steroid hormone that science experts refer to as the “stress hormone.” It is known as the“stress hormone” because large amounts of this substance are released whenever we feel stressed out or out of control emotionally. It is an important hormone in the human body because it is involved in proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, controls our of immune system functions, and inflammatory response.

Hormone Cortisol and Weight Gain

In general, cortisol is present in our bodies at peak levels in the morning and lowest in the evening. Small increases of cortisol have some positive effects like quick bursts of energy, improved immunity, heightened memory function, and lower sensitivity to pain. In addition, moderate doses of cortisol helps maintain homeostasis in the body.

Homeostasis is the property of living organisms that regulates its internal environment. Also to maintain a stable and constant state in terms of body temperature, acidity, and nutrient balance has to occur. Many Health experts express that this process is critical for survival and good health. With minimal or no thought at all, people maintain and restore homeostasis all the time. For example, people drink if they are thirsty, wear a sweater when it is cold, or take a rest after an intense physical activity. All these actions contribute to ones state of homeostasis. Furthermore, dilemmas occur when the body’s cells fail to communicate properly, and cause breakdown in homeostasis. This disturbance can lead to poor health and later into serious health conditions.

Adrenal Fatigue – Stress Hormones – Body Fat from Stress

Sustained and prolonged levels of cortisol, however, may lead to many harmful effects. Such as high cholesterol, suppression of the immune system, adrenal fatigue and faster aging process. Prolonged stress may lead to imbalance of cortisol in the body which causes disturbance in the components of the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other major systems.

Medical specialists conclude that such imbalances can lead to several illness like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to these harmful effects, high levels of cortisol may lead to weight gain and adrenal fatigue. When people become overwhelmed, the adrenal glands produce more cortisol that release sugar in the blood which will then leads to additional weight gain. This takes a direct hit to the Adrenal Glands. Studies add that people who secrete higher levels of cortisol as a reaction to stress tend to eat more foods high in carbohydrates. To keep cortisol levels under control, the body’s relaxation response is activated during stressful situations.

Control your Stressful Situation in Easy Steps

Cortisol production varies from person to person. We are biologically designed to react differently to different forms and intensities of stress. There are many kinds of medication and weight loss supplements out in the market that are designed to reduce our high levels of cortisol in the body. In the same way that there are best weight loss programs that can help you combat emotional and stress-related eating. However, it is important to understand that certain illnesses are caused by too much stress. Keeping our lives as stress-free as possible and by practicing stress management techniques, living life would not be so hard as it seems.

Coping with stress is important so that you avoid more serious health problems down the road. Make sure that you attempt to handle stress as soon as it rears its head.

Is Stress Making You Fat? Take The Melt Test and Find Out.

Weight Loss Products: How It Can Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

Weight Loss Products Help with Goals

Achieve Lasting Weight Loss Success

Overweight and obesity are a common issue these days. Weight loss products incorporate a great method to lose excess and unwanted weight. Being overweight not only changes the way you look but also comes with the possibility of health risks. The desire of losing weight quickly becomes strong. However, there is more important thing to losing weight, and that is to lose it quickly and safely. Weight loss products can assist just in that fashion.

One well-known method of losing weight is taking weight loss products. There are a lot of weight loss products available over the counter claiming to have miraculous effect in losing weight quickly and easily. While most dietary supplements don’t offer impressive weight loss benefits, many can cause harmful side effects, and those most at risk of experiencing side effects may be those who are most inclined to try them based on their urge to achieve the weight loss benefits promoted by the product. This is where dietitians play a key role in helping consumers understand the risks of using weight loss products and how they differ from regulated medications.

Determining Which Weight Loss Products Are Safe

Always choose the best weight loss supplements by reviewing them thoroughly and opt for renowned makers. Weight loss supplements act in many ways to help reduce weight. Some of these weight loss supplements like the MELT-A-WAY™ Thermogenic Fat Burner try to speed up your metabolism. Others like the Thyrolean stimulate the thyroid gland increasing the active hormone production. A few like the ENER-G-ENHANCE stimulate the muscles in burning glucose that helps in weight loss. There are some weight loss supplements that have effect on producing heat, which is again a process of spending calories. Some chromium based weight loss supplements can be very dangerous as they may damage the genetic materials in the cells. One of the problems is that some of these weight loss supplements are untested, unproven and are neither effective nor safe. So before you choose your weight loss products make sure you have made the right choice.

They All Have One Purpose — BURN AND LOSE YOUR FAT!

There are many different categories of products for weight loss. Based on their mechanisms of action, weight-loss products and ingredients can be classified in the following categories: stimulants/metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, and ingredients that alter the metabolism of specific nutrients.

Stimulants/Metabolism Boosters – The most common class of ingredients added to weight-loss supplements are stimulants, which are meant to boost the metabolic rate. Caffeine is believed to influence weight loss by increasing energy output and suppressing appetite; however, little research has been done on caffeine’s long-term effects on weight loss. Green tea extract commonly is included in weight loss formulas either as a source of caffeine or for its catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). An antioxidant, EGCG inhibits the breakdown of norepinephrine, which acts as a hormone and neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Maintaining higher circulating norepinephrine increases both body thermogenesis and fat oxidation and therefore increases metabolic rate.

Appetite Suppressants – Many dietary supplements contain ingredients that boost metabolism and influence appetite at the same time. There have been a few high-profile supplements on the market in the past few years that target only appetite, though, and these products often are marketed as safer alternatives for weight loss.

Thermogenic Fat Burners – These weight loss supplements raise the temperature of your body and thus increase the number of calories burned. These have proved to be best fat burners and very effective in losing weight. Like other weight loss supplements, these have to be used moderately and not abused. Short term usage of these thermogenic weight loss supplements have proved successful and resulted in weight loss success.

Fiber Powder or PillsGenerally fiber food makes you feel full and also help in stimulating the contractions of your intestines. So these kinds of products to lose weight create a feeling of fullness and there will be weight loss because of the emptying of your intestines. The problem is taking fiber in concentrated forms like pills and powder for a longer period may lead to diarrhea, nausea and you may also become dependent on fiber supplements for bowel regulation. Ensure that you consider and take the correct amount of weight loss supplements after proper consultation. Further, weight loss supplements along with other things like exercise, nutritional diet etc, will help in safe and effective weight loss.

Given the rise of obesity, many individuals may experiment with weight loss products for a quick, easy fix yet are unaware of the associated risks. At Medshape, we work to ensure our clients and patients understand the risks associated with weight loss products.

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